Private Safari Vs Group Safari – Which one is the best?

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Tanzania Safari

When planning a Tanzania Safari, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is whether to choose a private safari or a group safari. Both types of safaris have their advantages and disadvantages, and the decision ultimately depends on your travel preferences, budget, and group size.

Here, you can find a complete overview of the differences between small-group tours and private safaris. By the end, you will have no problem knowing which category is best for you.

Let’s Differentiate Both Types Of Safari In Tanzania

Safari In Tanzania

Safari Scenario #1: Imagine you and your partner rise slowly in your bush tent in any of Tanzania’s many National Parks. Then you head to the breakfast table where a hot meal is being served. Some of your group members greet you with “Good Morning”. Everyone is chatting and laughing, sharing how they slept, what they dreamed of, and what they’re most excited to see today. Game on. Start the Journey, this is nothing called the Tanzania Group Safari!

Safari Scenario #2: In your own time, you wake up in the comfort of a cozy safari lodge looking outside from the edge of the National Park. Breakfast is ready for you in the eating area. During breakfast, your personal Guide gives you and your partner an overview of today’s agenda and asked you for your preferences. You have chosen a Private Safari, which means you have your vehicle, guide, and wild adventure. Following breakfast, you start the morning game drive deep into the safari park, beginning your very own romantic Tanzania Safari dream, just the two of you.

Tanzania Private Safari vs. Group Safari – Which One is Better?

Depends on what you want from your Safari trip of a lifetime. Since Safaris in Tanzania is not on the affordable side, make sure your deal on the safari experience will be a long-lasting and unforgettable memory.

Pros and Cons of Group Safari

+ Cut Down Safari Costs

Fixed Departures of Group Safaris

Prepare for Compromises on Everything, Even Toilet Stops!

+ Make new friends

Pros and Cons of Private Safari

+ Flexibility and Freedom on Private Safari

+ Ability to Pick and Choose Camps and Destinations

+ Add Additional Adventure to Safari

+ You Have the Vehicle all by Yourself

+ Your Safari Driver is all YoursMore expensive

Are Tanzania Group Safaris more Affordable than Private Safaris in Tanzania?

The main Tanzania Safari Cost consists of many things: costs for transport, entrance fees for the national parks, accommodation costs, salary for staff, and other costs. If you choose a Group Safari you will save money on transport and salary/tips for your guide, since you share it with more people.

 You might also get a cheaper price for accommodation. The more rooms you book, the cheaper it gets. So the safari will be a bit more affordable. But no matter what you choose, a Tanzania Safari does not come cheap. You are going to spend much more than on an average trip.

To plan your Tanzania safari, contact us today at –+255 (0) 784 413 801 or Email us at– [email protected].


African Scenic Safaris offer both Small Group Tours and Private Safaris in Tanzania, and we want you to have all the essential information before making your decision. Because we know: going on Safari in Tanzania is a big deal—so it’s important to do your homework first. So contact us for more details about Group Safari or Private Safari, and we will provide the best.

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