What to Expect On a Luxury Safari in Tanzania?

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Luxury Safari In Tanzania

A Luxury Safari In Tanzania can provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have a fantastic time. You can find the best accommodation, enjoy close encounters with iconic wildlife, and experience the highest standard of hospitality.

On a Tanzania Safari Tour, travelers get domestic flights for transfer, comfortable safari vehicles with private guides, and enjoy deluxe accommodations. A Luxury Safari in Tanzania is about getting pampered while exploring the African wildlife and landscape. Booking a luxury safari helps you get a unique Tanzanian wildlife experience without sacrificing comfort and luxury.

Top Attractions of a Luxury Safari in Tanzania

Here are the top attractions of a luxury safari tour in Tanzania to enjoy a personalized and memorable experience!

Lavish And Luxurious Accommodation

Tanzania Safari Accommodations

One of the main attractions of a  is the lavish accommodation! Most luxury camps and lodges in Tanzania boast all the comforts of a five-star hotel like spas, infinity pools, and attendants.

Many Tanzania Luxury Accommodations are close to or within Tanzania’s famous conservation areas and national parks. 

Luxury safari accommodation in Tanzania is divided into lodges, hotels, and tented camps.

Lodges and Hotels

Tanzania luxury hotels and lodges have five-star comfort, service, and facilities.

The lodges and hotels stand out for their African-inspired styles. 

The interior of lodges and hotels have thatched roofs, leather furniture, classic wood finishing, and eclectic and modern décor. Most Tanzanian lodge interiors reflect the bygone colonial era and rich local culture. 

Tented Camps

Tented Camps are designed to offer a traditional Tanzania Safari experience! The rooms of tented camps bring you close to nature while enjoying comfort and luxury. Comfortable beds, en-suite bathrooms, and stylish furnishings are the best experience of a tented camp stay!

Remote Locations

Many luxury lodges and camps are nestled in remote locations to provide guests with an intimate safari stay experience. It helps enjoy private encounters with wildlife. You can get the best chance to spot wildlife from the comfort of your private room or balcony. 

Top-Rated Luxury Accommodations In Tanzania

Tanzania Safari Accommodation

For safari-goes seeking excellence, luxury and ultra-luxury lodges and tented camps are the best choices. Some of those include:

  • Ngorongoro Crater Lodge-It is one of the best Tanzania luxury lodges with thirty-suite. The lodge location is perfect for enjoying a glimpse of the beautiful wildlife havens.  
  • Lake Manyara Tree Lodge- The luxury Tanzanian lodge has nine sophisticated stilted treehouse suites. The Lake Manyara Tree Lodge is all about enjoying luxury serenity and tranquility. 
  • Greystoke Mahale- It is located on a private sandy beach amidst the backdrop of scenic jungle-clad mountains. A stay at Greystoke Mahale ensures a remote retreat.
  • Tarangire Treetops- The lodge is located in a private game reserve closer to the Tarangire National Park. Private balconies and double showers are a few attractions to enjoy during your stay at Tarangire Treetops. 
  • Lamai Serengeti- The lodge sits on the top of a large pile-up of giant boulders- Kogakuria Kopje. You can enjoy uninterrupted views of the Mara River Valley during a stay at the lodge. The place is the perfect platform to see the Mara River Crossings! 

Make sure you get the right accommodation for your luxury Safaris to Tanzania. Contact one of our Luxury Travel specialists for more options and different ranges of accommodations.

Customized Safari Vehicle For A Great Experience

Safari In Tanzania

A safari experience gets enhanced with a thrilling and adventurous game drive. On a Luxury Safari In Tanzania, you get the best safari vehicle with customized features. A safari vehicle with a sliding window or roof hatches ensures better visibility to spot wildlife. Most luxury safari vehicles have an inverter and essential electronics to ensure your camera gear and the battery never dies.  

Get Assistance From The Local Guides

When you are paying for a Tanzania Luxury Safari, it ensures the best level of service to make your trip that tad bit extra memorable. You get the assistance of knowledgeable and experienced guides having the skills to help you track and spot wildlife. The local English-speaking driver cum guides can enhance your Tanzania safari experience. The expert guides keep you safe when getting a close view of wildlife.  

Flexible Tanzania Safari Experience

Tanzania Safari

A Luxury Safari In Tanzania gives you the flexibility to control and manage your daily itinerary. Besides early morning and late afternoon safari to view the wildlife spotting, you can plan to make the most of the remaining hours. You can visit local conservation or opt for a guided bird-watching safari with an expert ornithologist. The best thing after a game drive is to enjoy the luxurious amenities and feel pampered. 

Dining Experiences During Luxury Safari

Tanzania Safari Tour

An incredible gourmet experience is what you can experience by booking a Luxury Safari In Tanzania. You can enjoy the fine dining experience at luxury safari lodges. It allows you to select from a menu having pan-African cuisine and traditional favorites. Your chefs are always ready to cater to your personal preferences and dietary needs. 


A luxury lodge in Tanzania like Ngorongoro Crater Lodge offers guests a unique outdoor dining experience. You can enjoy a delicious dining experience on the vast plains or under the shade of a baobab tree. 

It gives you an exciting and lifetime experience of a luxury safari.  

Curated Wines

You can get a chance to enjoy curated wines Lodges In Tanzania like Singita. The safari lodge has its wine stores stocked with vintages. 

Dining Under the Stars

It is a lovely experience of enjoying a meal under millions of twinkling stars! You can enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner on your private balcony while sipping French champagne.


One of the best parts of a Luxury Safari In Tanzania is sundowners! After a late afternoon game drive, when you are back at the camp, alcoholic beverages are served. Enjoying your drink and watching the sun setting below the horizon is just mesmerizing! During this time, you can see elephant herds of giraffes! 

Support The Local Community

Tanzania Safari Tours

Many safari lodges and camps support local community and conservation initiatives. It is essential for the long-term survival of wildlife species and local communities. By booking a Luxury Safari Tanzania, some amount of your money goes to support local projects. It ensures the betterment of the local people for living in harmony with the wildlife. 

Witness The Best Views of Iconic Wildlife

Tanzania Wildlife

You came to Tanzania to see the diverse wildlife! Booking a Luxury Safari In Tanzania drives you to witness incredible Tanzania Wildlife. You get an opportunity to see the animals in their natural habitat roaming freely without fear. On a private and guided Tanzania safari, you can spot giant elephants, cheetahs, lions, and hippos. The best attraction of your Tanzania luxury safari is witnessing the wildebeest migration. Many luxury safari lodges are located in the perfect spot to view the Great Wildebeest Migration.  

Exclusive Tanzania Safari Activities

Tanzania Safari Activities

A Tanzania Luxury Safari helps you choose the best and indulge in exciting activities for you and your group. 

Game Drives

When going on private safaris with expert guides, you can enjoy the best wildlife viewing experience. On a private safari, you get incredible wildlife sightings on game drives without worrying about the crowd.

Night Safari 

Private reserves like Lake Manyara and Tarangire National Parks are the best night safari destinations. On a night safari, you see the predators and nocturnal species on the hunt! 

Hot-Air Balloon

Enjoying flying high over the vast plains of Serengeti Plains in Tanzania with hot air ballooning is an unforgettable experience! The hot-air balloon experience elevates your Luxury Safari In Tanzania! Watching a stunning sunrise and getting an Ariel wildlife view is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! You get an experienced pilot to ensure your safety while enjoying a close-up wildlife view at a tree-top level. One of the best hot air ballooning experiences in the English Bush Champagne Breakfast!

Boat Safari

On a luxury safari in Tanzania, you can enjoy an aquatic adventure! The thrilling boat safari in Tanzania can stay in your memory forever! You can enjoy a private boat safari! It will help you cruise down the Rufiji River in Selous Game Reserve to watch the crocodiles and hippos. 

High-Quality Personalized Services 

Personalized service by a courteous staff can pamper you on a Tanzania Luxury Safari! 

Personal Attendants

Luxury safari lodges provide a private butler for each suite! It helps give the guests reliable and 24/7 room service. The personal attendants continuously work in the background to enhance your luxury safari experience.

Airstrip pick-Ups and Transfers

On a luxury Tanzania safari, you get high-end transfer solutions. You can choose to fly between your safaris destinations. Luxury safari lodges offer transfer and pick-up services to and from local airstrips. 

Unique Tanzania Safari Tours

Tanzania Safari Tours

A luxury safari can help you experience customized and unique wildlife adventures. You get a wide range of Tanzania Safari Packages with a reliable tour operator. 

A Luxury Safari Tanzania starts from around $750 per person/ day! The price is depends according to the accommodation. 


Nirvana in Africa

We had an amazing experience!! The highlights were seeing the migration of the wildebeest in the Ndutu region. Seeing different aspects of the Serengeti and staying at different places. Stayed at the Embalaki Camp which is in such a beautiful setting run by beautiful people. Mixing with a Masai tribe and spending some time in their village. Seeing the Ngorongoro Crater and staying at the Serena Hotel which has a spectacular view. Meeting and getting to know our driver Emanuel who did an amazing job. He was incredibly polite and respectful and very knowledgeable about animals and the landscape. He was also an amazing driver navigating every type of terrain very expertly. We felt very well looked after and were very comfortable for the entire trip. We were able to see so many different landscapes and the Big Five!!! I would love to go back.


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Luxury safari in Tanzania – A Final Thought!Final Thoughts

A Luxury Safari In Tanzania gives you the privacy, flexibility, and freedom to tailor your memorable African experience. A dedicated and experienced driver cum guide ensures an authentic Tanzania safari experience.

So, What Are You Thinking Of?  If you want to explore Tanzania’s wilderness in luxury and style, contact African Scenic Safaris! We can book the best-preferred lodge or camp to help you start an enjoyable Tanzania Luxury Safari. Our expert consultant can provide information about the best luxurious Tanzania safari accommodations.

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