Kilimanjaro Routes Comparison

Kilimanjaro Routes Comparison

Kilimanjaro Routes Comparison

There are numerous reasons why Mount Kilimanjaro features on the bucket list of many a traveler!

Standing at 19,341 feet (5,895 meters), Kilimanjaro is the highest freestanding mountain in the world. Known as the ‘Roof of Africa’ it is the African jewel in the seven summits crown and is one of the world's only major summits that can be accessed by hikers without technical experience. The mountain boasts an astounding variety of climate zones, from rainforest to arctic. Climbing Kilimanjaro is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a draw for mountaineers and thrill-seekers the world over.

The real beauty of Kilimanjaro Routes lies in the journey, both physical and metaphorical, and in sharing the experience with the people forging out a living on its slopes. Under the watchful eyes of this mighty mountain, we have no doubt you will fall in love with Tanzania, and we’re here to help ensure that happens!

We realize the array of different Kilimanjaro Climbing Routes to choose from can be overwhelming. Your choice will depend on a number of factors including your level of experience, fitness, budget, and time frame. The longer the route the higher the chance of success, so we recommend more days if time and budget allow, giving your body more chance to acclimatize.

At African Scenic Safaris we take pride in helping our guests decide the best possible route for them. Our selected Kilimanjaro Climbing Packages offer the best of Mount Kilimanjaro; however, should you be interested in other routes private treks can always be arranged. This chart will help you narrow your options, and our experts are on hand to answer any questions as you weigh up the pros and cons.

All dates and prices are based on Classic Kilimanjaro Climbs; however Premium Climb packages are available at an increased Kilimanjaro Climb Cost. Please enquire.

Route Lemosho Rongai Machame Northern Circuit Twin Peaks
Trekking Days 8 7 7 9 4+6
Days Door To Door 12 11 11 13 14
Total Distance 42 miles / 68 km 44 miles / 71 km 37 miles / 60 km 60 miles / 97 km 12 + 38 miles / 18 + 61 km
Acclimatization Excellent Good Good Best Excellent
Cost Mid Cost Mid Cost Low Cost High Cost High Cost
Difficulty Challenging Fair Fair Challenging Very Challenging
Traffic Medium-High Low High Very Low Medium High
High Camp Kosovo Kibo Huts Barafu School Huts Miriakamba / Barafu
Descent Route Mweka Marangu Mweka Mweka Northern Route / Mweka
Scenery Highlights Forest, Shira Plateau, Top of Barranco Wall, Meru from Kili, Mawenzi, Sunrise near Summit Kenyan Plains, Mawenzi, Crossing the Saddle to Kibo, Sunrise near Summit Forest, Views from Picnic Rock, Top of Barranco Wall, Meru from Kili, Sunrise near Summit Shira Plateau, Meru from Kili, Moir Huts, Kenyan Plains, Mawenzi, Sunrise near Summit Forest, Kili from Meru, Meru Crater, Shira Plateau, Top of Barranco Wall, Meru from Kili, Sunrises near Summits
Why Choose this Route? Summit Success High, Stunning Panoramic Scenery, Ample Acclimatisation, Varied Length of Walking Days, Higher High Camp Quieter Route, Very Scenic, Acclimatisation Day, Challenging Quieter Summit Night Budget Friendly, Very Scenic, Varied Length of Walking Days Fantastic Acclimatisation, Remote with Little Traffic, Stunning Views from all Angles, Challenging Quieter Summit Night, Circle Kili Two Peaks, Wildlife in Arusha NP, Stunning Scenery, Excellent Acclimatisation, Varied Terrain, Huts Camping

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