Best Hiking Boots For The Northern Circuit Route On Kilimanjaro

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Northern Circuit Route

Trekking on the Northern Circuit Route Kilimanjaro is a challenging and demanding experience. It requires proper planning, preparation, and necessary gear like high-quality boots. As you are going to spend hours with your hiking boots on, a misfit or bad boot can create a lot of nuisance and almost ruin your climb.

So, choosing a good pair of comfortable, durable hiking boots will help you. Not only, it will help you survive the weather conditions on Kilimanjaro Routes, but also, prevent injuries and discomfort during the trek.

Additionally, ahead in this blog, we are also going to discuss points regarding what to look for in boots when shopping for them. Because only choosing the right pair of hiking boots can save your climb and ensure a successful and enjoyable climb.

What To Look For In Hiking Boots

Hiking boots are not regular boots. These boots are specially designed for hiking rugged trails. Most travelers to Northern Circuit Kilimanjaro opt to wear sturdy, waterproof, and high-cut boots.

Earlier hiking boots used to be heavy on foot. But, recent advancements in technology have made it possible to manufacture light-weighted hiking boots which also ensure good quality support.

Out of all the features, that a climber to Kilimanjaro Northern Circuit Route looks for, the primary ones are comfort and safety. Other key features to consider when looking for hiking boots are given in the table below.

Features to consider for good quality hiking bootsHow the features help during Northern Circuit Kilimanjaro Climb
DurabilityBoots are made from durable high-quality leather or synthetic materials that protect against punctures, abrasions, and wear and tear.
SupportProvide ankle support while traversing the uneven terrain  
WaterproofingWaterproof boots with breathable membranes can keep your feet dry and comfortable amidst the rain, snow, and wet ground.
TractionA sturdy and reliable sole with a non-slip pattern provides good traction against wet, slippery, and rocky terrain.
ComfortComfort is the most crucial factor. Comfortable boots fit well and provide cushioning so that does not hurt when trekking.

Tips and Recommendations For Finding Boots

  • Measure your foot size accurately and try on boots with the right fit.
  • Break- in the boots before they feel comfortable. Wear them around the house or for short walks before embarking on a long trek. More about the importance of break-in into the boots in the later section.
  • Check for ankle support and stability of the boots by trying them out and walking with them on uneven surfaces.
  • Check for any kind of hotspots. These are the points that can cause blisters or discomfort on the Northern Circuit Kilimanjaro trail.
  • Do not forget about the right kind of socks! Wear the types of socks you plan to use on the trail when trying on boots to ensure the perfect fit.

Top Hiking Boots For The Northern Circuit Route Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro Hiking Boots

There are numerous hiking boots available in the market. Choosing the best one might be a challenging task. However, we have reviewed some of the best hiking boots with their features, pros, and cons to make it easier for you to take an informed decision.

Salmon Quest 4D 3 GTXLeather and textileGORE-TEX2.35 lbs (per boot)US $230Provide good traction, high ankle support, lightweight and durable.Relatively expensive. Take some time to break in.
La Sportiva Nucleo High GTXNubuck leatherGORE-TEX Surround2.5 lbs (per boot)US $199Lightweight and breathable. Good waterproofing.  Comfortable right out of the box.Not as durable as some other options. May not offer enough ankle support for some hikers.
Scarpa Zodiac Plus GTXNubuck leatherGORE-TEX2.2 lbs (per boot)US $269Durable and long-lasting. Good ankle support.  Good traction on rocky terrain.May not be as comfortable as some other options. May run small and require sizing up.
Lowa Renegade GTX MidNubuck leatherGORE-TEX2.4 lbs (per boot)US $240Excellent ankle support and stability. Comfortable right out of the box. Good traction on varied terrainMay not fit well for hikers with wider feet. May not be as durable as some other options
Vasque St. Elias FG GTXLeatherGORE-TEX2.8 lbs (per boot)US $ 200Excellent traction and stability. Good ankle support.  Durable and long-lasting.May run small and require sizing up.  May be too heavy for some hikers.
Note: Prices may vary based on location and availability. It is recommended to try on hiking boots in-person before purchasing to ensure the best fit and comfort.

How To Break In Your Hiking Boots For The Northern Circuit Route Kilimanjaro

Breaking into your hiking boots is essential to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable hiking experience. This is especially when going on a challenging trail like the Northern Circuit Route Kilimanjaro. Wearing boots that have not been broken in can lead to blisters, hot spots, and discomfort, making it difficult to complete the hike.

Breaking in Your Hiking Boots is crucial for several reasons, including:

Preventing blisters –New boots are stiff and can rub against your feet, causing blisters. Breaking in your boots gradually allows them to conform to your feet and reduces the risk of blisters.

Improving comfort- Breaking in your boots allows them to soften and mold to your feet, making them more comfortable to wear.

Enhancing support –Properly breaking in your boots can also improve the support they provide to your feet, ankles, and legs.

Hiking Boots To Prevent Blisters And Discomfort On The Northern Circuit Route Kilimanjaro

  • Start by wearing your boots around the house for a few hours daily. This allows your feet to adjust to the new boots gradually.
  • Take your boots on short walks around your neighborhood or Local Park. Increase the distance and duration gradually over a few days.
  • Wear your boots with the same socks you plan to wear on the Northern Circuit Route. This ensures a proper fit and reduces the risk of blisters.
  • Experiment with different lacing techniques to find the most comfortable fit for your feet. Make sure that your boots are snug but not too tight.
  • Try walking on steeper or uneven terrain to gradually increase the break-in process’s intensity.

Other Essential Hiking Gear Except For Hiking Boots

Kilimanjaro Northern Circuit Route

When preparing for the Northern Circuit Route Kilimanjaro, having the right hiking gear can make all the difference in your comfort, safety, and overall experience. In addition to high-quality hiking boots, there are several other essential gear items to consider. Here are some of the most important:

  • Hiking socks– Wearing proper hiking socks is crucial to prevent blisters. It will keep your feet dry and warm, and provide extra cushioning. Look for socks made from moisture-wicking materials like merino wool or synthetic blends, and make sure they fit well with your hiking boots.
  • Gaiters– Gaiters are protective covers that go over your boots and lower legs. They keep debris, snow, and water from entering your boots. They can be especially useful on Kilimanjaro Routes, where you may encounter snow, loose rocks, and other obstacles.

Trekking poles– Trekking poles can help reduce the strain on your knees and legs. They provide extra support on steep terrain and improve your balance. Look for adjustable poles made from lightweight and durable materials. Also, make sure they fit your height and hiking style.

Invest In The Best Hiking Boots And Get Started With Your Journey

We hope that the above read will help you make an informed decision while finding the best possible boots for Northern Circuit Route Kilimanjaro. We are sure that buying a pair of hiking boots is a one-time investment that you won’t regret. Furthermore, after ascending Kilimanjaro, you may also want to venture out on other trekking expeditions. So, they can be used then too.

In case you have got inhibitions left, and don’t want to invest, do not worry about that also. We at African Scenic Safaris offer Kilimanjaro Climbing Packages that include everything for a successful and memorable hike. We include everything starting from experienced guides and porters to high-quality gear and equipment. Our team of experts will help you choose the best hiking boots and properly break them before your climb.

So, don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our Kilimanjaro Climbing Packages and start planning your adventure!

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