Kilimanjaro Porters

Kilimanjaro Porters

Kilimanjaro Porters

African Scenic Safaris is proud to be a partner company of The Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP).

For many climbers the real beauty of Kilimanjaro lies in sharing your journey with the people of the mountain, the porters and crew who forge out a living on its slopes. Not only do they carry all the equipment and set and break every camp, they do it whilst encouraging you! You will feel warmed by their deep, melodic voices sharing stories and laughter, often bursting into rousing song, and we deeply respect everything they do for you, our guests.

Sadly, poor treatment of porters is rampant on the mountain, where they’re often exploited by budget outfitters. The International Mountain Explorers Connection (IMEC) created the Partner for Responsible Travel Programme through KPAP, with the aim to improve porter treatment industry-wide and ensure that climbing companies provide fair and ethical treatment to their crew.

Each African Scenic Safaris climb is monitored by a third-party KPAP porter, who determines if we are meeting the proper treatment standards. Our partnership is completely voluntary, demonstrating our commitment to the people who really do make your climb possible.

We are one of a select group of companies who are truly ethical employers:

  • All crew are paid at least the minimum daily wage, always within good time.
  • Porter loads do not exceed 20kg.
  • Crew are provided with three meals per day on the mountain.
  • We provide transportation to/from National Park gates.
  • We offer equal climbing opportunities to all porters registered with the company.
  • Tipping recommendations are given to all clients and tips disbursed transparently to all crew.
  • Crew have comfortable sleeping conditions offering good protection from the environment.
  • We ensure safe descent of any ill or injured porters and provide for medical treatment as necessary. Full wages are paid in such circumstances.
  • We ensure all crew have adequate clothing and equipment to climb.
  • We take great care to build strong and open relationships with our porters.
  • All local and National Government standards and regulations are adhered to.
  • Porters can access training, additional educational opportunities and equipment loans.

We regularly hear from clients how happy our crew look on the mountain. By treating them well, we have the luxury of having the best guides, cooks and porters working for us.

If you would like to support the work of KPAP beyond booking your trek with us, you may wish to consider making a direct donation here.

Ethical Treatment of Our Planet

Since Kilimanjaro features on the bucket list of many a traveller, we need to work extra-specially hard to protect this incredible mountain for the future. Our crew and climbers are asked to adopt the following practices to minimise the impact we have on the environment:

  • Trash in, trash out! Please do not litter the mountain. This includes cigarette butts. We will provide rubbish bags at camp and porters will descend with all trash.
  • Dispose of toilet paper correctly at camps, not leaving it in bushes along the trail.
  • Disposable plastic bottles are strictly not permitted in Kilimanjaro National Park.
  • Single use plastic carrier bags are not permitted in Tanzania. Whilst refuse sacks and Ziplock bags are permitted by law, and are useful for waterproofing equipment and disposing of toilet paper, we encourage you to bring biodegradable or recycled bags where possible and to take any unused bags home.
  • Stay on the paths and do not walk through vegetation.
  • Ensure you leave every camp as clean, or cleaner, than you found it.

Our company is dedicated to environmental protection throughout our working practices :

  • Many of our crew members hold Leave No Trace certification, ensuring they have a clear understanding of the outdoor environment and methods to minimise our impact on it.
  • Crew who have demonstrated a commitment to LNT practices are encouraged to progress to instructor status, sharing their knowledge with the entire crew.
  • We are members of Carbon Tanzania, who provide measurement tools enabling us to reduce and offset our own and our guests’ carbon footprint.
  • We adhere to Responsible Tourism Tanzania’s best practices and are a Travelife partner company.

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