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Travel In Tanzania

Travel In Tanzania

Travel In Tanzania

Tanzania has a pleasant tropical climate but has large regional variations influenced by several factors, including altitude. Tanzania is too close to the equator to experience real winter and summer. There is, however, a dry and wet season. Long rains happen during April and May whilst ‘short rains’ are common in November. For other months of the year, we mostly enjoy clear blue skies!

Temperatures in winter (June-August) will average around 20-25°C during the day, whilst in summer (December-February) they average around 30-35°C. Coastal areas experience higher humidity and Mount Kilimanjaro will be much colder due to the elevation.

There are a number of recommended vaccines, plus malaria prophylaxis, that your doctor is likely to suggest before Travel In Tanzania. Yellow Fever vaccination is only mandatory if travelling from an infected country or passing through an infected country and stopping for more than 12 hours. This information can change regularly, therefore please make an appointment with your doctor or travel clinic to get the most up to date recommendations.

Foreign nationals require a tourist visa to enter Tanzania. Please apply and pay online using https://eservices.immigration.go.tz/visa. Be aware this process can take up to 2 to 3 weeks. Whilst visas are available at the airport upon arrival, obtaining your visa and paying in cash this way can cause unnecessary delays. Visas cost USD$100 per person for American passport holders or USD$50 per person for other nationalities. You must have at least six months validity remaining on your passport.

For most tourism activities in Tanzania USD$ are accepted. Please note only notes printed after 2010 can be used. Notes printed before this are not accepted in Tanzania, and in fact most of Africa. Tanzanian Shillings will be required in restaurants, markets and for taxis. Please do not bring travellers cheques as these are difficult to exchange and incur a high fee.

You can exchange cash at bureaus at the airport on arrival or at banks in major towns. ATM’s dispense Tanzanian Shillings only and often have a low maximum withdrawal amount and charge high transaction fees. If you intend to use an ATM or card please ensure your bank is aware you are travelling in order to avoid any unnecessary security measures being imposed on your account. Cards are only really accepted at larger hotels and supermarkets. Shillings are a soft currency which you will not be able to change it back once you leave Tanzania.

In Tanzania the voltage is 230 and the frequency is 50Hz. For charging cameras, phones, etc, you will need a British plug adaptor, with three rectangular pins. On Zanzibar, some European managed resorts, use a European plug with two round pins.

It is customary to tip your guides/crew when on Safari In Tanzania or other activities such as Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing. Suggested tipping amounts will be advised at time of booking. Aside from your safari and trek adventures,even though tipping is not culturally expected it is good to leave some loose change at restaurants or in other service situations.

It is strictly prohibited to export shells, natural artifacts, and local flora and fauna, even if purchased from a shop. This is closely monitored at airports and borders. Purchasing cow horns or any other animal parts are allowed if you receive an exportation permit from the Ministry of Agriculture.

Ivory products - a CITES permit is legally required to purchase and export. However, due to ethical and environmental concerns, we strongly discourage our clients or visitors from supporting the ivory trade. In Tanzania, the population of elephants has reached devasting low levels due to ruthless poaching. We thank you for your consideration in preserving our precious natural resources.

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