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Typical Day on The Northern Circuit Route

Typical Day on The Northern Circuit Route

The Northern Circuit Route Kilimanjaro is one of the most popular and newer hiking routes on Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Northern Circuit Route is a scenic route that takes climbers through various ecosystems and offers wondrous views of the mountain. The route typically takes 9-10 days to complete, with a gradual ascent and a longer distance covered than many other Kilimanjaro Routes. Here's a breakdown of a typical day on the Northern Circuit Route:

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Daily Schedule of Northern Circuit Route

6:00 AM - Wake-up Call:

A Typical Day on the Northern Circuit Route usually starts with a refreshing wakeup call from a guide or porter at around 6:00 am. This is because the days are long and there is a lot of ground to cover. You'll have some time to get dressed, pack your bags, and prepare for the day's hike. The guide will bring you a cup of hot tea or coffee in your tent to help you start the day.

7:00 AM - Breakfast:

After packing up your belongings, you'll head to the mess tent or dining area for breakfast. A typical breakfast on the Northern Circuit Route might include porridge, eggs, bacon, toast, and fruit. You'll also have time to fill up your water bottles and use the restroom before starting the day's hike.

8:00 AM - Hiking:

You'll start climbing for the day, with a target of reaching the next campsite by early afternoon. The terrain and altitude will determine the pace of the climb, which can vary from leisurely to strenuous. Your guide will lead the way, while porters carry your gear and equipment. The hike will take you through a variety of landscapes, including open grasslands, rocky ridges, and an alpine desert. The terrain can be challenging at times, with steep ascents and descents.

12:00 PM - Lunch:

After 4 hours of climbing, you'll stop for a hot lunch and a rest break at around 12.00 pm. The lunch is usually served at a scenic location with a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape. Lunch typically includes sandwiches, soup, fruit, and hot drinks.

1:00 PM – Afternoon Climbing:

After lunch, you'll resume hiking towards the next campsite. The afternoon hike can be challenging, especially if you're ascending to higher elevations. Your guide will monitor your health and provide tips for managing altitude sickness.

4:00 PM - Arrival at Camp and Relaxation:

You'll reach the campsite for the night, where you'll be greeted with a hot drink and a snack. Your guide will show you to your tent, which will be set up and ready for you to rest and relax. You'll have time to explore the surroundings, take a shower, and get settled before dinner.

6:00 PM - Dinner:

A hot dinner will be served in the mess tent or dining area, which usually includes soup, meat or vegetarian dishes, rice or pasta, and dessert. You'll have time to socialize with other hikers and reflect on the day's experiences.

7:30 PM - Briefing for the Next day:

After dinner, your guide will provide a briefing for the next day's hike, including the terrain, altitude, and safety precautions. You'll also have time to ask questions and get any information you need about the hike.

9:00 PM - Bedtime:

After a long day of climbing, you'll retire to your tent for some rest and relaxation before another day of adventure on Mount Kilimanjaro. The temperature can drop significantly at night, so hikers will need to dress warmly and have a good-quality sleeping bag.

So, a Typical Day On The Northern Circuit Route of Kilimanjaro is a challenging but rewarding experience. It offers stunning views, diverse terrain, and a sense of accomplishment for those who complete the climb. With the right preparation, equipment, and guidance, climbers can enjoy a safe and memorable journey up one of the world's most iconic mountains.

Typical Day On Northern Circuit Route Schedule:

The typical schedule for the Northern Circuit Route is a 9-day hike, with additional days for acclimatization. This is just an example and the actual schedule may vary depending on the tour operator and other factors. It's important to choose a reputable tour operator, follow their guidelines, and properly acclimate to reduce the risk of altitude sickness.



6:30 am

Wake-up call, hot water for washing up

7:00 am


8:00 am

Start hiking to the next camp

12:00 pm

Stop for lunch and rest

1:00 pm

Resume hiking

4:00 pm

Arriving at camp, set up tents, and relax

6:00 pm


7:00 pm

Briefing for the next day’s hike

8:00 pm

Free time for stargazing or socializing

9:00 pm


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Cost & Typical Day On The Northern Circuit Route

The Northern Circuit Route Cost and Typical Day On The Northern Circuit Route can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the number of days you spend on the trek, the time of year you go, and the tour company you use.

Northern Circuit Route Cost:

  • The Northern Circuit Route Cost can range from $2,500 to $5,000 per person, depending on the number of days you spend on the trek and the tour company you use. This usually includes park fees, accommodation, transportation, and food while on the trek.
  • It's worth noting that the cost does not include items such as tips for the guides and porters, travel insurance, and flights to and from Tanzania.

Typical Day:

  • A typical day on the Northern Circuit Route involves waking up early, having breakfast, and then starting the day's hike. The hike can last anywhere from 4 to 8 hours, depending on the distance and altitude gain for that day.
  • During the hike, you will stop for breaks and enjoy the stunning scenery of the mountains and forests. You'll also have lunch and snacks along the way to keep your energy levels up.
  • After reaching the campsite for the night, you'll have time to rest and explore the area before dinner is served. Dinner usually consists of a hearty meal, followed by hot drinks and desserts.
  • In the evenings, you can relax and socialize with other trekkers and the guides. Depending on the tour company and the specific itinerary, you may also have the opportunity to do some stargazing or participate in other activities.
  • You'll then head to bed early, as another long day of hiking awaits you in the morning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The typical daily hiking distance on the Northern Circuit Route varies depending on the itinerary and the pace of the group. On average, hikers cover between 9 to 15 kilometres per day. The route is longer than some of the other routes up Mount Kilimanjaro, which allows for better acclimatization and increases the chances of summit success.

The Northern Circuit Route Kilimanjaro is a relatively slow and gradual ascent and usually takes 8-9 days to summit. The extra time spent on the mountain helps the body acclimatize to the altitude, reducing the risk of altitude sickness and increasing the likelihood of a successful summit attempt.

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Spend A Day On Northern Circuit Route

A Typical Day On The Northern Circuit Route, Kilimanjaro can be a challenging but rewarding experience for those who love adventures. Starting early in the morning, climbers will embark on a steep climb up the mountain, passing through stunning landscapes and encountering unique flora and fauna along the way.

Despite the physical demands, climbers will find ample opportunities to rest and take in the breath-taking views of the surrounding landscape. Meals will be provided at designated stops along the route, with plenty of time to recharge and refuel for the next leg of the journey.

All in all, a typical day on the Northern Circuit Route is a memorable experience that offers a unique combination of physical challenge, natural beauty, and cultural immersion. It is an opportunity to push oneself to the limit and explore some of the world's most awe-inspiring landscapes, while also connecting with the rich culture and traditions of Tanzania. So, add Northern Circuit Route on your Kilimanjaro Climbing Packages today!

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