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Tanzania Safari Cost

Tanzania Safari Cost

Tanzania Safari Cost

On average, the Tanzania Safari Cost starts from $200 to $500 per day.

Are you planning to go on a Tanzania Safari Tour? Then, the question of how much it’ll cost is probably the first thing that comes to mind. You’re not alone, tons of travellers who go on a safari ask the same question! The answer to this question is that a Safari In Tanzania will cost however much you want.

Below, we’ll look at all the cost effects and factors that go into determining the answer to the question – How Much Does It Cost To Go On A Tanzania Safari that’s overflowing with safari potential?

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Tanzania Safari Budget Levels

When considering How Much Safaris Cost In Tanzania, it can be easy to get lost in all the cost indications. Yet while cost does play an important part in determining what level of safari you end up having, it should be the only consideration.

This is because budget safaris offer a wholly different experience than top-end safaris. This is not to say that either of them is better, but it’s something that you should certainly take into account before booking Tanzania Safari Packages. Here is a rundown of all the different safari budget levels:

Budget – When you just want the thrill of adventure of being on a safari, and don’t mind staying in basic accommodations – because your end goal is to experience the wonderful surrounding landscapes and wildlife of Tanzania.

Affordable – When you want decent accommodations that don’t take a whole chunk of your money. Plus, you also want to know that it’s clean, safe and of an acceptable standard.

Mid-Range – For safari goers on the lookout for quality experiences but don’t want luxury. Think authentically styled tented camps and safari lodges! It’s not unnecessarily fancy and is still comfortable.

High-end – When you have a desire for the finer things and want lavish amenities and recognize that you’ll get what you pay for and are not afraid to splurge a bit.

Top-end – When you want nothing but the best of the best – Whether it’s world-class services, complete exclusivity, ultra-lavish accommodations or the best wildlife viewing imaginable, settling is not an option here!

Speciality Interests Tanzania Safari Costs

Tanzania Safari Tours offers a unique safari experience as well that’s set apart from the norm. They are called specialty safari tours and these are a great way to meet fellow like-minded safari enthusiasts and share experiences.

This is where you’ll be able to join groups of people with a similar interest in birdwatching, photography, guided walks, etc. For a more in detail understanding, below is a quick overview of specialized interest safari categories along with their costs:

Guided Walks 1-2 Days $275 - $500
Birdwatching Safaris 1-2 Days $570 - $700
Photographic Tours 3-4 Days $700 - $1,200
Chimpanzee Trekking 3-4 Days $820 - $1,300

Visiting Tanzania Parks – Does it come as part of the Tanzania Safari Package?

It’s common to pay around $60 or more when you visit the Tanzanian National Park and game reserves. Our Tanzania Safari Packages include the costs of entrance fees, though they are sometimes based on the period of vacation.

An Interesting FactoidTanzania National Park Fees are used to fund conservation management initiatives.

Tanzania Safari Park Entrance Fee

There are many Tanzania National Parks and they have different entrance fees for international visitors and residents. Below are the entrance fees for different national parks in Tanzania:

Tanzania National Park Entrance Fee
  • TSH refers to the Tanzanian Shilling.
  • Children below the age of 5 are not charged any entrance fees.
  • The above prices are an estimation and are subject to vary.
  • Once purchased, the entrance fee will be valid for 24 hours.
  • Remember that there’s an 18% VAT added to all the entrance fees.

An Insight – If you stay in private concessions inside the national parks, then you’ll have to pay the concession fee.

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Difference Between Budget, Mid-Range, And Luxury Safaris

There are three primary types of Safaris In Tanzania and the Cost of Tanzania Safari differs based on the types – budget, mid-range, and luxury. Below is a comparison of all three of them:

Accommodations Basic campsites or budget lodges Comfortable tented camps or lodges High-end safari lodges with a range of amenities
Food Simple meals Good quality meals Gourmet meals
Transport Shared 4WD safari vehicles Private 4WD vehicles Private 4WD vehicles
Guides Professional guides Specialized and professional English-speaking guides Specialized and professional English-speaking guides
Wildlife viewing Basic game drives Longer game drives Fully private game drives
Activities Limited More extensive Tailored to match personal preferences
Service Self-service Good Service Personalized service

Cost According To Various Safari Circuits

Tanzania Safari Cost will vary based on which circuits you choose. But, both circuits are great for safaris in Tanzania. Below are the costs of the northern and southern safari circuits:

Northern Safari Circuit

The northern circuit is the most renowned part of Tanzania. This circuit consists of Serengeti National Park, Tarangire and Lake Manyara National Park. The routes generally start in Arusha, near Kilimanjaro International Airport.

  • Both Serengeti and Ngorongoro have a fee of $60 (for adults) and $20 (for ages 5-15).
  • Tarangire and Lake Manyara have an entrance fee of $45 (for adults) and $15 (for ages 5-15).

The overall Cost To Go On A Tanzania Safari in the Northern Circuit starts from $900 onwards.

Southern Safari Circuit

The routes of the southern safari circuit start at Dar es Salaam. And, they have national parks like Nyerere and Ruaha. Katavi, and Mahale Mountains.

  • Mahale Mountains National Park has a fee of $80 (for adults) and $20 (for ages 5-15).
  • National Parks of Ruaha, Nyerere, and Katavi have an entrance fee of $30 (for adults) and $10 (for ages 5-15).

The Average Cost of Tanzania Safari in the Southern Circuit starts from $1500 onwards.

Note – The entrance fee is valid for 24 hours. And, children below the age of 5 years don’t have to pay any entrance fee.

Tanzania Safari Cost By National Parks

The destinations that you select will decide your overall cost of a Safari In Tanzania. To make things easier, the following are the prices of a safari in various destinations in Tanzania:

Tanzania Safari Cost

Serengeti Safari Prices (From $70 To $650)

To start things off, let’s look at How Much A Serengeti Safari Costs:

The entry fee for Serengeti National Park starts from $70 (plus 18% VAT). In this way:

2 Days Serengeti Safari starts from $750 (per person, per day) with budget accommodations. And, $1350 (per person, per day for luxury accommodations).

3-Day Serengeti Safari starts from $1250 (per person, per day) with budget lodges and campgrounds. And, $1650 (per person, per day) for luxury lodges and tented camps.

Ngorongoro Safari Prices (From $70 To $600)

The entrance fee for Ngorongoro Conservation Area in the high season is $70. And, $60 in the low season. For example, the average prices for Ngorongoro Crater are:

  • 1-Day Ngorongoro Safari – From $280 (per person)
  • 2-Day Ngorongoro Safari – From $395 (per person, per day)
  • 3-Day Ngorongoro Safari – From $600 (per person, per day)

Tarangire Safari Prices (From $50 To $600)

The entrance fee for Tarangire National Park during the high season is $50. And, $45 in the low season (per person). So, including vehicle costs, the average cost of a Tarangire Safari will be:

  • 1-Day Tarangire National Park Safari – From $200 (per person)
  • 2-Day Tarangire National Park Safari – From $400 (per person, per day)
  • 3-Day Tarangire National Park Safari – From $600 (per person, per day)

Lake Manyara Safari Prices (From $50 To $620)

The entrance fee for Lake Manyara National Park is $50 (in the high season). And, $45 (in the low season). Thus, by including the vehicle costs, the average Lake Manyara Safari Cost will be:

  • 1-Day Lake Manyara National Park Safari – From $200 (per person)
  • 2-Day Lake Manyara National Park Safari – From $450 (per person, per day)
  • 3-Day Lake Manyara National Park Safari – From $620 (per person, per day)

Arusha National Park Prices (From $50 -$230)

Arusha National Park has an entrance fee of $50 (during the high season). And, $45 (during the low season). Below is the day-wise average safari cost in Arusha National Park:

  • 1-Day Arusha Safari - $185 (per person)
  • 4-Day Horse-riding Safari in Arusha – $4000 (per person per day)
  • 1-Day Cycling Tour to Arusha National Park – From $230 onwards (per person)

Note The above prices (excluding Serengeti) are day trips. i.e., accommodations are not included in the day-wise average costs.

Plan your Tanzania safari experience with African Scenic Safaris and you’ll enjoy a wonderful Safari In Tanzania.

Plan Wisely By Calculating Safari Cost

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Various Tanzania Safari Packages Cost

The following are the average costs of Tanzania Safari Packages:

  • 3-Day Standard Tanzania Safari – From $890 onwards (per person)
  • 6-Day Standard Tanzania Safari – From $2100 onwards (per person)
  • 6-Day Luxury/High-end Tanzania Safari – From $4500 onwards (per person)

Now, we’ll look at the Tanzania Safari Cost for different safari packages:

5-Days Luxury Safari (in Northern Tanzania) Luxury Tented Camps $1950
6-Days Adventure Tanzania Safari Mid – Range Tented Camps $2200
6-Days Big Five Camping Safari Budget Campgrounds $1100
8-Days Great Migration Safari Budget Camps/Lodges $1800
12-Days Tanzania Safari (in the Northern Circuit and Zanzibar) Mid – Range Lodges and Camps $5400
14-Days Tanzania Safari (in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater) Luxury Lodges and Tented Camps $4500
  • The above prices are based on a group of 2 people.
  • You’ll get to visit Tanzania Destinations like Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Serengeti National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, Tarangire National Park, Zanzibar Archipelagos, etc.
  • The trips typically start and end in Arusha.

If you’re thinking of going on a Tanzania Safari Tour, then here are 5 of our favorite Tanzania Safari Packages:

The above packages offer top-notch safari experiences. Just imagine a safari in the enormous stretches of savannahs. With acacia trees in the background of wonderful orange sunsets.

Factors that influence the overall Tanzania Safari Cost

The question of How Much a Safari in Tanzania costs is a valid one and we’ll get to that in a bit. But, first, let’s ponder what the different factors are that affect the average cost of Tanzania Safari.

Duration of the safari – This is the most glaring factor, as the more days you spend on your tour, the more the cost of a safari will be. A Safari in Tanzania undertaken for just a few days is going to cost significantly less than a tour of 10-15 days.

The number of parks you visit - The more Tanzania National Parks you visit, the higher the cost of the safari. Each park has an entrance fee, which varies depending on the park and the number of days you stay. Thus, the more parks you visit, the higher the entrance fees you will incur.

Type of tour: The type of tour you choose will significantly influence the overall Tanzania Safari Costs. Different tours have different features and inclusions, which affect the price. For example, a luxury safari will cost more than a budget safari because it includes luxury accommodations, meals, and activities.

Use of domestic flights: Domestic flights are convenient when traveling long distances in Tanzania. However, they come at an extra cost. If you plan to visit remote parks, using domestic flights may be necessary. However, this will increase your overall Tanzania Vacation Cost.

The number of people: The number of people on the safari affects the overall cost. A private tour with a few people will cost more than a group tour. The cost of transportation, accommodation, and other activities is spread among the group, reducing the cost per person.

Season: The time of the year you plan to visit Tanzania will also influence the cost of your safari. The high season (June to September and December to January) attracts higher prices due to high demand. Whereas, the low season (April to May and October to November) may have lower prices due to lower demand.

Additional Services and Activities: Additional services and activities, such as hot air balloon rides, cultural tours, and guided walks, will increase the total cost of your safari. But they also add to the experience and may be worth the extra cost.

Tanzania Safari Types And Cost

There are three types of major safaris available in Tanzania. They include group safaris, private safaris, and luxury safaris. Below is an analysis of the cost of each safari.

Tanzania Group Safaris Cost (From $200 To $700, Per Person, Per Day)

Group Safaris are considered a great Affordable Tanzania Safari option. And, they also provide a chance to meet like-minded individuals. These types of safaris have set itineraries but you can also personalize your experience as well. Our recommendation is to book in advance so that you won’t face any problems later on.

The below list will offer more insights regarding group safaris and their cost indications:

Overland Group Safaris From 20 to 30 From $200 onwards Camping and basic accommodations.
Camping Group Safaris From 2 to 7 From $250 onwards Camping out in the wilderness, 4WD Safaris.
Group Lodge Safaris From 4 to 12 From $350 onwards Accommodation in 4-star lodges or tented camps, outstanding game viewing.
Mobile Camping Group Safaris From 4 to 7 From $550 onwards Exclusivity, a unique glamping style.

From the above information, below is an estimated cost of day-wise Group Safaris:

6-Day (5-Night) group safari in the national parks of Northern Circuit will cost about $1900 per person (approx.). Facilities will include a double room in a comfortable lodge or camp. And, game drives in a 6-seater safari vehicle.

An 8-Day (7-Night) group safari in Northern Tanzania can cost around $2500 per person. (approx.) You’ll get to explore the parks and spot the big five. Facilities include a double bedroom and a 7-seater safari vehicle.

Good to Know – You can choose to custom-make these itineraries as well. Remember that budget and group safaris fall into the same categories.

You also have the option to join Specialized Group Safaris In Tanzania. Here you’ll get the opportunity to explore Tanzania with fellow safari and wildlife enthusiasts. Below are the Tanzania Safari Costs of specialized group safaris:

Walking Group Safari From $300 onwards 1-2 Days
Birdwatching Group Safari From $600 onwards 1-2 Days
Photographic Group Safari From $700 onwards 3-4 Days

Our Opinion – Embarking on a specialized group safari in Tanzania will be a unique experience. So, have your pick from the above options.

Private Tanzania Safari Costs (From $350 To $800 Per Person, Per Day)

They are great for travellers who prefer a more secluded and exclusive safari experience. This type of safari has both set itineraries as well as tailor-made options. The number of travellers in a group will affect the cost of a private safari:

  • Each member in a group of 2 individuals will pay around $400 per day.
  • In a group of 4 individuals, each will pay about $300 per day.
  • Each member in a group of 6 individuals will pay about $250 per day.

Our Opinions – If you’re going to be travelling alone, then it’ll cost around $400 to $600 per day. Although the prices will be lower if you visit in the low season.

There are also different categories of private safaris. They will vary in cost. So, pick an option suited to your budget. The following are the five categories and choices:

Economy From $450
Comfort From $500
Superior From $570
Elegant From $650 to $750
Luxury From $800

In this way, below is a day-wise glimpse into the costs of private safaris:

  • 4-Day (3-Night) private safari in Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area can cost around $1500 (per person, per day).
  • 6-Day (5-Night) private safari in the national parks of Northern Tanzania can cost about $2600 (per person, per day).
  • An 8-Day (7-Night) private safari in the Northern Circuit (including big five game drives and cultural tours) can cost around $3600 (per person, per day).

Note - In case of more than 4 people in the safari vehicle, prices can be reduced up to 20% for each person. Also, children (under the age of 15) will have discounted costs.

Customized Private Safaris

The cost for tailor-made or customized private safaris starts from $300 onwards. You’ll get to choose how you go, where you go, and what you’ll do.

The following is a list of the type of tailor-made private safari and the cost effects:

Basic camping private safari $300 per person sharing
Mobile camping private safari $350 to $450 per person sharing
Private lodge safaris $500 - $600 per person sharing

Our Recommendation – For the best Tanzania Safari Costs, you can go with 5 or more members in your group. The costs will be less for bigger groups.

Luxury Tanzania Safari Costs (From $500 To $1400 Per Person, Per Day)

Tanzania Luxury Safaris costs are affected by seasons. In the high season, costs start from $1400 onwards. But during the low season, the cost can go as low as $500. Though the cost will depend on the accommodation you choose to stay in.

Tanzania Safari Prices By Activities

A safari is going to be incomplete without taking part in the activities that are available across Tanzania. They include wildlife, photography, birding, hot air balloon safaris, etc. We’ll go into detail about the most popular and most fun safari activities and their costs in just a bit. For now, let’s look at what sort of safari activities you can do in Tanzania and the costs of each one:

NAME OF THE ACTIVITY COSTS (in USD), per person, per day
Guided Walking Safaris $40 - $160
Hot Air Balloon Safaris From $599 onwards
Night Game Drives From $60
Photographic Tours $750 - $1250
Birdwatching Safaris From $400 onwards
Canoe Rides/Boating Trips $40 - $60
Horseback Safaris From $4000 onwards
Cultural Tours $50 - $350
Mountain Climbing From $750 onwards
Great Migration Safaris From $60
Chimpanzee Trekking From $1000 onwards
Tanzania Festival Tours $70 - $300
Historical Tours $35 - $90
Beach Holidays From $750 onwards
Deep Sea Diving and Snorkelling Tours From $40

Wildlife Safaris Cost (From $200 Onwards)

These are one of the most popular safaris in Tanzania. Lots of national parks in Tanzania offer game drives, and wildlife safaris to spot the diverse Tanzania Wildlife.

Budget Wildlife Safari From $200
Mid-Range Wildlife Safari From $350
Luxury Wildlife Safari From $500

Photo Safaris Cost (From $750 Onwards)

A Tanzania Photo Safari cost ranges from $750 to $1200 (per person, per day). They are at their best during the green season (from November to April). Because the lighting conditions are perfect. The following is a day-wise estimation of a photo safari in Tanzania:

  • 7-Day Tanzania Photo Safari – From $2400 (per person)
  • 10-Day Tanzania Photo Safari – From $4900 (per person)

Note – The costs mentioned above include transportation, meals, a tour guide, and accommodations.

Birding Safaris Cost (From $400 Onwards)

Tanzania Birding Safari costs range from $400 to $600 (per person, per day). This type of safari is also best during the green season which runs from November to April when the birds come out in different areas.

There are over 1100 species of birds in Tanzania. And, the country is referred to as a paradise for birdwatchers. This activity can be done in any of the game reserves and national parks in Tanzania.

Some of the birding destinations we recommend include Lake Manyara National Park, Ruaha National Park, Tarangire National Park, and Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

Cultural Tours Cost (From $40 Onwards)

The most fascinating cultural excursion in Tanzania can be taken in the Maasai Land. Tanzania Cultural Tours cost around $40 to $60 (per person, per day). You’ll get the chance to discover the traditions and cultures of the native Maasai people. There are some other tribes you can also visit, like Hadzabe, Datoga, Iraqw, and Sukuma.

Hot Air Balloon Safaris (From $550 Onwards)

This is the most adventurous and exciting activity to take part in on a Tanzania Safari. Remember that this is an optional activity that won’t be included in your Tanzania Safari Packages. The cost is approximately $550 to $600 (per person).

The balloon experience starts before dawn. Depending on the location of the camp, you will be collected at around 4:00 a.m. and taken to the launch site. With a Hot Air Balloon Safari, you can spot wildlife with a bird’s eye view.

Wildebeest Migration Safari Cost (From $60 Onwards)

Between the months of May to July, millions of wildebeests and zebras begin their journey across the Serengeti and Maasai Mara plains. The following are the costs of a Serengeti Wildebeest Migration Safari:

  • 5-Days Private Wildebeest Migration Safari – From $2552 (per person)
  • 6-Days Serengeti Wildebeest Migration Safari– From $1540 (per person)
  • 7-Days Western Wildebeest Migration Safari – From $2615 (per person)
  • 9-Days Wildebeest Migration Safari – From $3805 (per person)

Good to Know– For an optimal wildebeest migration safari experience, you need at least 4 days.

With our experienced tour operators, you can enjoy Tanzania Safari Tours safely and successfully.

Cost Of Safari Accommodations In Tanzania

Tanzania has three categories of accommodations. They are budget, mid-range, and luxury. The costs start from $20 and can go up to $200.

Basic/Budget From $20-$40
Mid-Range/Economy From $50 onwards
Luxury/Premium From $150 - $200

You can also find different private accommodations in the private concessions of Tanzania. Such as camps and lodges. The cost ranges from $300 to $1200.

TYPE OF ACCOMMODATION COSTS (in USD), per person, per day
Tanzania Camps From $300 onwards
Tanzania Lodges From $450 onwards
Tanzania Luxury Lodges and Hotels From $1150 onwards

Campsites are also an option. You have to set up your tent and prepare your food. The costs range from $5 - $35. The price of Dorm Beds in Hostels ranges from $15 - $40 a night. And, exclusive rooms in a hostel range from $40 - $75 a night.

Tanzania Safari Accommodations Cost

The following are 5 of our favorite Tanzania Accommodations:

Lemala Nanyunkie Lodge (in Serengeti National Park) – From $600 onwards (Luxury)

Tarangire Safari Lodge (in Tarangire National Park) – From $250 onwards (Mid-Range)

Sanctuary Ngorongoro Crater Camp (in Ngorongoro Conservation Area) – From $550 onwards (Luxury)

Wayo Africa Green Camp Manyara (in Lake Manyara National Park) – From $550 onwards (Mid-Range)

Elewana (in Tarangire National Park) – From $1100 onwards (Luxury)

Your Adventure

Ready to start planning your adventure As a Traveller by calculating the Tanzania Safari Cost?

When To Visit Tanzania & The Cost Effects

The season in which you choose to visit Tanzania will affect the Tanzania Safari Cost. The following are the prices of a safari in the peak and low seasons:

Peak Season(from June to October) $400-$565 From $600 onwards From $1000 onwards
Low Season(from April to May) $400-$500 $600-$700 From $850 onwards

Duration Of Safari & The Cost Indications

The duration or length of your safari will determine the overall safari cost. I.e. the more days you spend on your safari, the more the costs will rise. If you wish to extend your stay then:

  • Ensure that you visit in the low season. The costs are low in terms of accommodations and transport.
  • Try to book a group safari. This will reduce the cost significantly because you’ll be sharing the cost of the safari with more people.

You can also pick budget/basic accommodation facilities. This will help reduce the cost of your safari.

Additional Costs During Your Tanzania Safari

Several additional things will affect the overall Tanzania Safari Cost. They include the following:

Visa Cost

The visa cost in Tanzania is $50. On November 26, 2018, Tanzania launched an E-visa system. Unless you are from one of the few nations that are visa exempt, you must have a visa to enter Tanzania.

You have two options for entry: a prearranged Tanzania E-visa or a visa acquired upon arrival. Tanzanian visas which are acquired by tourists can be used in both Tanzania and Zanzibar. The following are the types of visa and their fees:

Normal Visa $50
Multiple Entry Visa $100
Transit Visa $30-$35
Business Visa $250

You can follow this link to apply for a Tanzania E-Visa - https://eservices.immigration.go.tz/visa/

Tipping Cost

Generally, the cost of tipping in Tanzania is around $10. Although it’s not mandatory, it’ll be appreciated by the staff. Some accommodations have tipping boxes at the reception; leaving at least something at the end of your safari is polite. You should consider tipping staff like tour guides, porters, and chefs.

Travel Insurance Cost

In Tanzania, travel insurance costs around $100. Based on international travel consultants, the following are some travel insurance plans:

Basic Plan $89.0 Up to 10 days
Standard Plan (Recommended) $122.9 Up to 10 Days
Premium Plan $169.0 Up to 10 Days

The above plans have Covid-19 coverage and are cancellable. Typically, the average cost of travel insurance is 5 to 6% of your safari cost.

Tanzania Travel Insurance Cost

Food And Drinks Cost

Food and drinks during game drives will be covered by your safari operator. But alcoholic drinks won’t be covered. Most of the accommodations in Tanzania have a bar, and you can enjoy the facilities.

The average cost of a beer is $4 and $30 for whiskeys. And, water costs a dollar. Food will cost around $10 to $15 per day. The following is the cost of some drinks and delicious cuisines that you should try on your Tanzania trip.

Ndizi na nyama $1.21 A bottle of mineral water $0.50 to $2
Ugali with Mchuzi wa Samaki $3 Milk (1 liter) $1.22
Chapati (1 piece) $0.29 Beer $2.50 to $4
Nyama Choma $4 A Glass of wine $3 to $7

Note – These prices will vary based on where you eat and have drinks.

Pre And Post-Safari Accommodation Cost

Accommodation for backpackers in mid-range lodges costs around $90 per night (for two people sharing a double room). In Arusha, you can find great lodge accommodations for about $40 to $160 per person, sharing a twin room (including breakfast). Depending on the style and comfort, a single room costs around $65 to $180 (per person, per night).

Airport Transfers Cost

From Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR) to the city of Dar es Salaam will cost around $425 to $55.

A one-way transfer from Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) to Arusha will cost around $50 to $75 per taxi. Some lodges and airlines provide free shuttles.

Transfers from the airport on Zanzibar Island costs around $25 per vehicle to Stone Town. It’ll cost about $70 to $80 per vehicle for transfer to the north or south of the island.

Flight Costs

There are no direct flights to Tanzania from the UK, US and Europe. Thus, a stop in Cape Town or South Africa will be required. From there, you can go to Dar es Salaam, the primary hub on the east coast. International flights also arrive at Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO).

The cost of flights from Europe, the UK, and the US will vary depending on the airline and dates and distance. But, the average cost of flights starts from $950.

Airlines From The United States To Tanzania

Name of the Airline Average Costs (approx.) in USD
Delta Airlines $1370
Emirates $1530
United Airlines $1225

Airlines From The United Kingdom To Tanzania

Name of the Airline Average Costs (approx.) in USD
Ethiopian Airlines $790
Qatar Airways $760
Turkish Airlines $810

Airlines From Europe To Tanzania

Name of the Airline Average Costs (approx.) in USD
Kenya Airways $500
Emirates $670
KLM $820

Note – The above flight costs are for one-way flights to Tanzania.

How Much Does Transport Cost On A Safari?

There are various ways to get around in Tanzania. They include air, road and water transport. Renting vehicles for a safari will cost around $100 - $150 per day (including a travel guide). You can also rent an off-road vehicle. And, this will provide a unique safari experience. Below are the daily costs of renting a standard 4WD safari vehicle:

  • Self-Drive 4WD vehicle – From $120
  • A 4WD vehicle with a driver – From $150
  • A 4WD vehicle with a driver and gasoline – From $180

Good to Know – For public transport, the costs start from $20 (per person). The price will vary according to the destination and time of travel.

Tanzania Safari Cost Based On Different Travellers

Now that we know How Much It Cost To Go To Tanzania, we can venture further and ponder over how much is a trip to Tanzania for travellers coming from different parts of the world.

Cost of Trip to Tanzania for US Travellers

Want to know How Much A Trip To Tanzania Cost if you’re coming from the United States? This will be anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000 per person, depending on the level of luxury you want and the number of activities you want to do.

  • Flights to Tanzania can cost anywhere from $800 to $1,800 per person, depending on your departure city, travel dates, and airline.
  • US citizens are required to obtain a visa to enter Tanzania, which can cost $50 to $100 per person.
  • Travel insurance is highly recommended for any international trip and can cost $50 to $150 per person.
  • Accommodation level greatly affects the cost of a Tanzania safari, with budget accommodations costing the least and luxury lodges and tented camps being more expensive.

To give you a better outlook on How Much A Safari Cost In Tanzania for US travellers, let’s look at a sample Tanzania Safari itinerary for a 7-Day trip in mid-range accommodations. This will include cost elements like flights, travel insurance, visa fees, etc.

Tanzania Safari Cost For US Travellers

Tanzania Safari Cost for UK Travellers

If you’re coming from the United Kingdom, then you must have asked yourself this all-important question - How Much Does A Safari Trip Cost In Tanzania from the UK? Well, the answer is that the costs range from £2,000 to £8,000 per person.

  • Flights to Tanzania from the UK can cost anywhere from £500 to £1,500 per person, depending on your departure city, travel dates, and airline.
  • UK citizens are required to obtain a visa for entering Tanzania, which can cost £40 to £90 per person.
  • Travel insurance is highly advised for any international trip and can cost £50 to £150 per person.

Here’s a breakdown of a sample itinerary of a 5-Day Tanzania Safari Package that covers cost inclusions like flights, national park fees, accommodations, etc.

Tanzania Safari Cost For UK Travellers

How To Set A Budget For Tanzania Safari?

The price range for Safaris In Tanzania is varied and ranges from budget to luxury. The first thing you need to take into account is how much you’re willing to spend on your safari. With African Scenic Safaris, you can connect with the best safari experts and customize the costs based on your needs.

One of the factors to decide on is if you’re willing to share your safari vehicle with other travellers. Because this will significantly reduce the cost of your safari. You’ll also get to experience the safari with fellow enthusiasts.

On the contrary, if you prefer a more exclusive experience, you can choose a private safari.

Tanzania Safari Prices: What’s Included – And What’s Not?

Some things will be included in your Tanzania Safari Packages if you book your safari with a reliable operator. Below we’ll look at what’s included in safari prices and what’s not:

Game Drives, Vehicles, and Park Entry Fees Visas and Vaccinations
Accommodation at Campgrounds, Tented camps, and Lodges Tips (for drivers, guides, cooks, hotel staff, etc.)
Drivers and Guides Flight Costs
18% VAT Optional Safari Activities (like birdwatching, hot air balloon safaris, etc.)
Airport Transfers Other Miscellaneous Costs (like laundry, data and sim cards, souvenirs, etc.)

Calculating The Average Tanzania Safari Cost!

There are several choices available for a Tanzania safari and each option is completely up to you. So, the average Tanzania Safari Cost depends on which option you pick and how much you’re willing to spend.

Thus, below is a calculation of the average safari cost in Tanzania based on the types of safaris:

  • Tanzania Budget Safari Cost – $ 195 - $250 (per person, per day)
  • Midrange Tanzania Safari Cost – $320 – $550 (per person, per day)
  • Luxury Tanzania Safari Cost – $ 500 – $1500 (per person, per day)

Apart from set itineraries, we also provide tailor-made experiences for a safari. You can calculate the cost of these itineraries with our safari experts.

Total Cost To Visit Tanzania

Tanzania Safari Costs – What To Keep In Mind?

The following are some things you should keep in mind about Tanzania Safari Prices:

  • Safaris In Tanzania during the green season are more budget-friendly. Yet, the dry season is the optimal time for a safari. So, you should select when to go on a safari based on your preferences.
  • For the best Tanzania Safari Prices, go with 5 or more members in your group. The costs will be less for bigger groups.
  • If you’re going to be travelling in a group, lodges are a great choice. For people who love camping in nature, several camps are available. They’re great if you desire exclusivity and remoteness.
  • For single/solo travellers, the costs start from $60 (per day) and can go up to $590.
  • One-way flights are often cheaper and have flexibility regarding the method of payment. Plus, you’ll be able to seamlessly plan a safari itinerary while in Tanzania.

A Unique Insight – Zanzibar hosts the Sauti za Busara Festival in early February. It’s known as one of the biggest festivals in East Africa. You can combine this tour with your Tanzania Safari in February. In this way, you’ll get to experience the pure African culture as well as experience the calving season.

The four day-pass for the festival costs around $120 for international visitors and $60 for residents.

Tanzania Safari Cost FAQs

For travellers flying from the UK, US, and Europe, many airlines provide flights to Kilimanjaro International Airports (JRO). The prices start from $600 - $1000 (for economy class). We recommend picking airlines like Ethiopian Airlines, Qatar Airways, KLM, Swiss Airlines, etc.

A mid-range Tanzania safari with lodging runs $350 to $400 per person, per day while a high end luxury safari with all the trimmings ranges from $600 to about $1000 per person, per day.

Budget Tanzania safaris start from around $400 per person per day, while luxury Tanzania safaris cost upwards of $4,000 per person per week. However, there are many options between these two extremes. In fact, for this particular 5 day Tanzania Safari, the price was only $1,700 USD per person.

A Tanzania safari costs anywhere between $125 and $1,500 per person per night. A budget safari averages $150 per night, mid-range $350 and luxury $750. The extreme top-safaris can easily go up to $1,500 per night, or more!

We recommend that you take around $1000 in cash. If you plan a safari for a week, you’ll most likely be spending around $80 to $100 (per day). Most places accept cards, but you should keep some cash handy. Also, you should exchange your cash for Tanzanian Shillings at the bureau de exchange.

Yes, most Tanzania Safari Packages include meals, but it is important to check with your tour operator to confirm.

The amount you should budget for souvenirs and other expenses will vary depending on your spending habits, but it's generally recommended to bring extra cash or a credit card for additional expenses.

Yes, there are budget-friendly options available for Tanzania safaris, such as staying in basic campsites or joining a group tour.

While some tour operators or safari companies may be willing to negotiate prices, it's important to keep in mind that cheaper prices may come with lower-quality accommodations or services.

Some ways to save money on a Tanzania Safari include travelling during the low season, joining a group tour, or booking in advance to take advantage of early-bird discounts.

The average daily cost of a Tanzania safari varies depending on the type of safari, but it can range from $200 to $1,000 per person per day.

The cheapest time of year to go on a Safari In Tanzania is during the low season, which runs from April to May and November to mid-December.

The most expensive time of year to go on a Tanzania safari is during the high season, which runs from June to October and over the Christmas and New Year holidays.

It's generally recommended to book your Tanzania safari in advance to ensure availability and take advantage of early-bird discounts.

The Average Cost Of Tanzania Safari in terms of tipping your safari guide and staff is between $10 and $20 per person per day.

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