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Tanzania Safari Cost

Is Tanzania on your mind for enjoying an adventurous safari? But are you thinking of the Tanzania Safari Cost? Let us help you to know the average cost of a safari tour in Tanzania! Read on to find the essential things about Tanzania Safari Prices!

Tanzania is one of the best African safari countries that suit every type of traveler’s budget (From Budget to Mid-Range to Luxury). A better understanding of the Tanzania Safari costs can help you enjoy a memorable trip solo, with family, or with friends. 

Do you want to know How Much It Costs to Visit Tanzania for a Safari? Let us dive deeper!

Tanzania Pre-Trip Cost

Two essential pre-trip factors that can affect your Tanzania Safari Cost are:

1. Flights for Tanzania Safari Tours (Starts from $389)

Tanzania Flight Cost

There are three international airports to fly to Tanzania:

  • Kilimanjaro International Airport 
  • Abeid Amani Karume International Airport 
  • Julius Nyerere International Airport 

You can check the airfare with the airlines operating to know the ticket price.

2. Travel Insurance for Tanzania (Starts from $100)

Tanzania Travel Insurance Cost

The average cost of travel insurance for Tanzania is five to six percent of your trip costs. 

Travel insurance is a must when traveling to Tanzania! Healthcare is costly in Tanzania! If God forbid you to fall sick or face an accident during the trip, your travel insurance can cover the medical expenses. Your Tanzania Travel Insurance covers theft, loss, and damage. 

Tanzania Travel Insurance Covers A Few Things Like:

  • Canceling and cutting short your holiday
  • Personal accident and liability
  • Covid-19 specific cover
  • Delayed departures
  • Personal money, passport, and travel documents
  • Medical expenses and hospital benefit
  • Abandoning your trip
  • Personal belongings and baggage
  • Legal expenses
  • Accommodation cover

Tanzania Trip Cost

Here are the essential factors that can impact your Tanzania Safari Cost!

1. Tanzania Visa Cost (Starts from $50)

Tanzania Visa

You need a Tanzania Visa to start your travel and get permission to enter the country. Certain nationalities do not have to pay for their Tanzania visa. 

Visa On Arrival for Tanzania

The Tanzania tourist visa on arrival usually costs approximately USD 50!

Types of Tanzania Visa:

  • Single Entry Visa- $50
  • Multiple Entry Visa- $100
  • Transit Visa- $30
  • Business visa- $250

Check the current Tanzania Visa Cost and apply for the appropriate type! 

2. Tanzania Accommodation Cost (Included)

Tanzania Accommodations

Many types of accommodation can affect your Tanzania vacation cost. Choose the best accommodation type that suits your budget plan. By the way, accommodations are included within the Tanzania Safari Packages.

Tanzania Accommodation Types Include:

  • Dorm Bed in a Hostel- $10 to $40
  • Camping- $5 to $30 per night
  • Double or Twin Room in a Standard Mid-Range Hotel- $70 to $200 for a room per night
  • Private Room in a Hostel or Guesthouse- $40 to $70 for a room per night
  • Double or Twin Room in an Upper Mid-Range Hotel-$200 to $350
  • Luxury hotels and resorts- Average cost per night is $350 and above.

3. Tanzania Food & Drink Cost (Included)

Tanzania Food & Drink

You can enjoy delicious Tanzania Food at budget local or luxury restaurants. The choice is yours to manage the cost of a safari tour in Tanzania. You can explore a variety of local eateries and restaurants to enjoy a delicious treat in Tanzania! If you book a Tanzania safari package, the food cost is included. To taste something authentic or quench your thirst, you can explore:

  • Meal at a Western-style restaurant or local hotel- $8 to $35
  • Street food- $2 to $5
  • Water: $0.60 to $2
  • Soda: $0.67 to $4
  • Beer: $2.60 to $5
  • A glass of wine: $4 to $8

4. Tanzania Safari Tours Cost

Many tour types can affect the Safari Cost In TanzaniaTanzania Safari Cost per day depends on the tour type you choose! 

Average Tanzania Safari Cost

  • A Tanzania safari with basic accommodations like budget hotels or tents starts at $200 to $300 for a single person per day. 
  • A mid-range Tanzania safari with lodge accommodation starts from $3000 to $6500 for a single person per day.
  • A high-end luxury Tanzania safari with all facilities ranges from $650 and above for a single person per day. 

The above does not include visa fees, international flights, and travel insurance.

5. Tanzania Safari Category Cost

Adventure Camping Tanzania Safaris in Tanzania ($300 To $400 Per Person Per Day)

Adventure camping Tanzania safaris are one of the affordable ways to travel in a group of people. It is best for nature lovers. You can stay in the camps in or near the national parks or public/ private campsites. The unfenced camps in the national parks can help you encounter wildlife. 

Budget Tanzania Lodge Safaris ($400 and above Per Person Per Day)

Budget lodge Tanzania safaris are available at mid-range price levels. You can get to stay in a three to five-star lodge accommodation, guesthouses, or luxury tented camps. It can allow you to travel in small groups with a scheduled itinerary. 

Luxury Tanzania Safaris ($1000 and above Per Person Per Day)

You can enjoy Luxury Tanzania Safaris at the best price by sharing the accommodation per night. A luxury safari in Tanzania helps you enjoy five-star accommodation, fine dining, and the assistance of experienced guides. 

Specialized Group Safaris

You can join a group safari to share your passion and interest with other travelers. Group Tanzania safaris can fulfill your passion for photography, bird watching, and hiking.

  • Walking Safaris– $285-$550
  • Bird watching Safaris– $580-$750
  • Photographic safaris – $750- $1,220  

6. Extra Activities to Enjoy on a Tanzania Safari (Optional)

There are many exciting things to indulge in, enjoy, and watch in Tanzania. Various safari activities from game drives let you experience many aspects of vibrant Tanzania country.

  • Hot air ballooning- $550-$650pp
  • Guided walking safari- $35pp
  • Night Safaris- $185pp
  • Coffee farm visits (Ngorongoro)- $55pp
  • Full-day kayaking and hiking trip toLake Chala-$255pp
  • Spice tour- $30 to $50 pp
  • Cycling tour- $30 to $50pp
  • Kilimanjaro trekking- $2000+pp can cost more if you do not trek with a group
  • Scuba diving- $80 to $85pp for a single dive session

7. Tanzania Safari Cost for Activities (Optional)

Tanzania Safari Activities Cost

Thinking How Much Does It Cost To Visit Tanzania? Any Tanzania Safari Cost starts from $2255 to $5500 per person opting for four nights and five days in Northern Tanzania. 

The cost includes ground transfers, meals, guides, and game-viewing activities. Your safari excludes international flights, drinks, travel insurance, and sometimes regional flights based on the lodge type. 

Many travelers decrease the cost per person by choosing affordable accommodation, budget safari, and shared transportation. 

8. Tanzania National Park Entry Fees for Non-East African Citizens (Included)

Tanzania National Park Entry Fees
  • Serengeti National Park – $82.60 for one adult per day
  • Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area (24-Hour Single Entry)- $70.80 for one adult per day
  • Arusha, Tarangire, & Lake Manyara National Parks – $59 for one adult per day
  • Katavi, Mikumi, Ruaha, Rubondo, Saadani, Kitulo, Mkomazi, Udzungwa and Saanane National Parks – $35.40 for one adult per day
  • Gombe National Park – $118 for one adult per day
  • Mahale National Park – $94.40 for one adult per day
  • Kilimanjaro National Park – $82.60 for one adult per day

9. Miscellaneous Tanzania Safari Cost (Optional)

  • SIM Card and Data- $15 for 30 days
  • Safari guide- $20 to $50 per day
  • Souvenirs- start from $5 per souvenier
  • Laundry- Each piece is $2-$3

So, what is the overall estimate; how much does it cost to visit Tanzania? Your Tanzania Safari Cost varies according to your choice, style, and preferences. 

  • The accommodation type
  • The safari type
  • Transportation type
  • Eating choice and style

Tips To Save Money On Your Tanzania Safari

  • Travel to Tanzania in the low season
  • Look out for deals and discounts for free activities.
  • Travel in a group to split the cost of the guide, vehicle, and cook. 
  • Drive between local destinations or lodges instead of choosing regional flights 
  • Avoid expensive shopping by packing the right safari gear.

How Much Money Is Required For Tanzania Safari?

Tanzania Safari Cost

Tanzania Travel costs may be low compared to the price of a holiday at a different tourist destination. The expense most travelers in Tanzania can expect to pay is for a safari. The Average Cost of a Safari in Tanzania can be around $350 per person.

How much money you would bring on your Tanzania trip depends on what you plan and prefer to do in the country! Make sure to carry the right amount of money that makes you comfortable roaming around without worrying about the cash. 

Stay away from carrying thousands of dollars in cash as a tourist while traveling for safety reasons. If you think it is safe to store your money safely between safari and excursions like a personal hotel locker, it is advised to bring a substantial amount of money. 

You can bring extra money for tipping on your Tanzania safari trip. At small establishments in Tanzania, you are not expected to tip. You can tip at restaurants in cities or tourist places. 

Tipping around ten to fifteen percent of the full invoice is usually practiced here. It is good to tip guides, drivers, and a team of workers who assist you throughout a safari in Tanzania.

Calculating Tanzania Safari Cost – African Scenic Safaris Are Here!

Tanzania Travel Cost

Regardless of your Tanzania Safari Cost, you can enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience during the tour. The experience of the Tanzania safari is priceless! The cost may be not affordable but can prove reasonable to experience lifetime adventures! 

What you see and encounter during the safari tour in Tanzania is incredible and worth the cost! 

With all the hustle of busy life, you deserve to enjoy and take a break to explore the wilderness of Tanzania. The beautiful East African country can help you enjoy some precious quality time and create memories that last a lifetime. Treat yourself to a lifetime experience by visiting the most magical place on earth- Tanzania!

When traveling for a Tanzania Safari Tour, various factors can cost you! Booking a well-organized Tanzania safari by a reliable tour operator- African Scenic Safaris can help you enjoy a memorable journey without worrying about most expenses. 

Call African Scenic Safaris at +255 (0) 784 413 801 or email: [email protected]


With Africa Scenic Safaris, you’ll get to experience the Best Safari in Tanzania affordably and excitingly. We can be flexible with your travel plans and wishes. We design customized private tours to different Tanzania National Parks and locations with affordable Tanzania Safari Cost that you will simply fall in love with. 

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