How To Travel Safely During Tanzania Safari In 2023?

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Tanzania Safari Tour

Is Tanzania Safe? Does this question appear on your mind before planning a Tanzania Safari Vacation? Yes! Tanzania is the safest East African country to visit! The Tanzanians are friendly and helpful. If you plan on going to Tanzania Safaris in 2023, taking certain precautions is important to ensure you travel safely.

Tanzania has a rich history, culture, and heritage to explore besides enjoying a safari. The East African country is the best platform for entertaining adventure seekers, wildlife enthusiasts, and nature lovers. You can find endless opportunities to explore and discover the best Things to Do in Tanzania on a safari. 

How Is Tanzania Safari Safe For Tourists?

Each year, Tanzania Experiences hundreds and thousands of tourist influx. If you ask how safe it is to travel to Tanzania, try following a few safety guidelines and regulations.  General safety rules for tourists include booking accommodation in affluent areas by avoiding informal settlements. For tourists and travellers, it is not good to walk alone at night. If you hire a self-driving car, never leave valuables inside the car in a parking lot. While driving, keep the windows and doors of the car locked, especially at traffic lights.

Is Dar Es Salaam Safe?

Tanzania Travel

Tanzania is a safe tourist destination, and so is Dar es Salaam! Dar es Salaam is located along the Indian Ocean Coast and is famous for its local markets, beaches, and islands. The vibrant gives you a glimpse of a developing beautiful East African city. Avoid strolling too long after dark hours. You can opt for a reliable taxi! It helps you stay safe in Dar es Salaam! 

The top Places To Explore In Dar es Salaam Safely Are

  • Kivukuni Waterfront- the trading spot! 
  • The National Museum- to explore the rich Tanzania history.
  • The Makumbusho Museum is an open-air museum that displays a collection of tribal huts and introduces traditional farming practices.
  • Kariakoo Market- The vibrant and busiest market in Dar es Salam!
  • Pristine sandy beaches- Oyster Bay or Coco Beach, Bongojo Island, Jangwani, and Abuja Island! 

Is It Safe To Travel To Tanzania For Game Drives?

Serengeti National Park

Crime is not an issue in Tanzania’s game reserves or parks like Serengeti National Park! Tanzania’s wilderness is home to diverse wildlife, but with an experienced guide, you can enjoy a safe Tanzania Safari Experience. Make sure to follow the Game Park or reserves’ rules and regulations! Be attentive and listen to the instructions of your guide. When on a game drive in Serengeti National Park, always stay in the safari vehicle. Do not leave the safari vehicle, unless your guide tells you! Avoid feeding wild animals at your campsite, as it can encourage aggressive behavior. 

  • When visiting Serengeti National Park in Tanzania or other game reserves, get the assistance of ranger guides. The local, knowledgeable guides ensure your safety by giving you proper instructions.
  • Follow the rules and regulations of different national parks and game reserves for a safe wildlife viewing experience.

Is Tanzania Safari Safe With Health Precautions?

Tanzania Safari Precautions

Yes, with essential health precautions, your Tanzania Travel can be safe and enjoyable! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that “not just” visitors to Tanzania take hepatitis A and typhoid vaccinations. Your doctor can also recommend many vaccinations like hepatitis B, cholera, rabies, and yellow fever.

Malaria is a risk that you should consider when traveling to Tanzania. Anti-malaria pills are recommended when planning and packing for your Tanzania safari tour.  

How Is Tanzania Safari Safe For Solo Travelers?

Solo Safaris In Tanzania

If you are traveling solo for the first time, exploring Tanzania can result in an unpleasant experience. Solo travellers can contact a reliable Tanzanian tour operator for a safe and well-planned trip. You can join a group of like-minded fellow travellers with a reliable Tanzanian tour operator to have the utmost fun. 

Is Tanzania Safari Safe For Female Travelers?

Tanzania Solo Travel

If traveling as a female traveller, consider taking extra precautions when Traveling in Tanzania. While getting around in Tanzania, consider dressing correctly. It helps avoid unwanted attention and makes you feel comfortable.

As a solo female traveller in Tanzania, consider doing proper research. Try to look for a safe area. A reliable Tanzania Tour Operator can help a solo female traveller enjoy the best experience of Tanzania travel and safari excitement. An organized tour is a great way to stay safe and meet new people on your Tanzania tour.

Tips for Solo Female Travellers in Tanzania

  • When traveling solo as a female traveler in Tanzania, you must stay aware of your surroundings to avoid possible threats.
  • Do not go out at night! 
  • Join organized groups for Tanzania safari tours.
  • Do not take valuables with you while strolling around or riding a taxi.

Safety Tips For Tanzania Safari

There is no doubt that Tanzania is one of the safest countries in Africa. Still, we recommend you follow specific tips that will make your Tanzania safari hassle-free.

  • Avoid walking around with high-value electronics, jewelry, or expensive items. 
  • Carry the minimum amount of cash and try to keep credit cards instead of ATM cards.
  • Keep a distance from the road while walking. Carry your bag loosely over the shoulder to keep it far from the road.
  • Try to avoid walking alone on secluded beaches in Zanzibar and Pemba.
  • Stay away from isolated areas.
  • Do not pay money to any third-party agent to arrange a visit to tourist places. Trust a reliable tour operator in Tanzania to save money and enjoy yourself to the fullest! 
  • Research about the risky areas in Tanzania.
  • Keep your valuable items close to you or in a locker.
  • Keep your cameras, valuable items, and gadgets concealed to make your Tanzania safari tour memories secure and safe.
  • Do not travel after dark or around rural locations without guidance.

Is Tanzania Safari Safe Post-Covid-19?

Tanzania Safari

Corona and Tanzania: What is the scene? 

Corona gave us a few years of isolation and changed everything. But it failed to reduce the love for Tanzania Safari among travel enthusiasts. Along with the rest of the world, Tanzania is opening to welcome travellers and tourists from across the globe. For many, Tanzania Safari Tours is a bucket adventure or childhood dream! 

Tanzania follows a few procedures to ensure your safety when traveling to this beautiful East African country. You must show proof of complete vaccination or a negative PCR test at entry time!

 Is It Possible to Travel to Tanzania?

It is possible to travel to Tanzania post-Covid-19. Tanzanian borders are open to welcome tourists as international airlines are operating mode. You can experience a memorable Tanzania safari and beach vacation with specialist safari guides.  

Are there COVID Restrictions in Tanzania? 

International travelers should respect and follow the Tanzanian government’s Covid-19 safety and health rules and regulations. It includes maintaining proper physical distance and washing hands frequently! 

COVID-19 travel information as of March 2022 from GOV.UK and the CDC state all visitors arriving in Tanzania should present a negative COVID-19 PCR test certificate or proof of complete vaccination upon arrival. A negative COVID-19 PCR test certificate is required within 72 hours of your arrival in Tanzania.  

Travelers should fill up an online Surveillance Form and submit it twenty-four hours before arrival. 

Covid-19 Rules for UK Travellers

Currently, there are no COVID-19 requirements for vaccinated UK travelers. For unvaccinated UK travelers- a PCR test is two days before returning home. 

Covid-19 Rules for USA Travellers

Regardless of Covid-19 vaccination status, a few rules apply to all passengers traveling back to the USA from Tanzania. 

  • Show a negative COVID-19 test result (not more than one day before the departure) when boarding the flight.
  • Children under two years do not need the test report to board the flight.
  • Upon arrival in the US, the CDC recommends a viral test three to five days after your travel. 

To enjoy a safe Safari in Tanzania you can call contact us at the following details.

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Taking some health and safety precautions while traveling to Tanzania for a safari is essential. The East African country is safe for foreign travelers. Following a few tips and precautions can keep you safe and healthy during your Tanzania tour! 

Be aware of the travel guidelines and keep yourself updated on the safety advisories of the Tanzania Government.  

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