Kilimanjaro Climbing Experience

Kilimanjaro Climbing Experience

Kilimanjaro Climbing Experience

The safety and success of your Kilimanjaro climb depends largely on the skills and experience of your guides. We want you to know that you can have complete faith in their capabilities because we ensure they are trained, experienced and certified to the highest industry standards.


  • Head Guides are Wilderness First Responders (WFR), trained and assessed by Sentinel Outdoor Institute (SOI).
  • WFR gives guides an in-depth education in wilderness medicine, not only teaching the skills to treat patients but also developing skills to properly assess each situation, determine the correct plan of action and carry it out.
  • WFR is the world standard in outdoor emergency medical care and devotes time to honing skills and techniques through practical scenarios.
  • All Assistant Guides must hold First Aid Certification.
  • Many guides are certified in helicopter evacuation procedures, communications, and high-altitude illness through Kilimanjaro Search & Rescue.
  • We even have porters with First Aid certification, through our partnership with the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project!
  • Team members hold Leave No Trace certification, demonstrating an understanding of the outdoor environment and methods to minimize impact. Our aim is for some to progress to LNT instructor status, sharing their knowledge with the entire crew.


  • Guide Training Programme focused on ‘Prevention over Cure’.
  • Includes hazard identification and risk assessment, group management, decision making, communication skills, safety equipment, incident management, professional practice, leadership, and more.
  • The program also includes training in Human Adaptive Behaviour and Client Care.
  • Senior Guides are highly competent and experienced and are expected to recognize the potential in junior crew and mentor them to develop their skills so that they too become the best guides possible.
  • Low Season gives us the opportunity each year to ensure our team maintains their skills at the highest level, with refresher courses and further training.


  • Our guides climb Kilimanjaro around 20 times each year and have all been leading treks for many years. They have literally guided thousands of clients up Kilimanjaro!
  • Guides speak fluent English and Swahili, and in many cases other languages too.
  • Our crew is highly skilled at adapting to different groups, their cultures, and aspirations. They have experience of leading a huge range of treks including solo hikes, honeymoons, families with children, university students, corporate clients, and charity challenges, with groups as big as 40+ climbers.

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