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Path to Africa (PTA) was established in 2007 and taken over by African Scenic Safaris in 2010, along with Hostel Hoff. PTA aims to give direct help to local small-scale organizations in Moshi town, Northern Tanzania.

We aim to provide volunteers and donors with a way of accessing and helping local projects without going through a third party, thus ensuring all time and money donated goes directly to the projects intended. PTA is a small organization, relying on the invaluable work carried out by our volunteers and the funds received by generous donors. Every cent donated goes towards our continued work in Moshi. 


PTA works alongside local project directors to develop and help sustain their projects in the short and long term. Our aim is to assist and initiate projects that are locally based, to give them needed funding and assistance in the short term, and to help them become economically and organisationally self-sustainable in the long term.

By booking with African Scenic Safaris you are helping us support PTA projects such as Hope Orphanage, Building a Caring Community (working with disabled children), and Jiendeleze Womens’ Organisation (women’s empowerment). Follow Path to Africa for more information.

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