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Tanzania Safari FAQs

Before booking a safari in Tanzania, a lot of tourists ask a lot of questions like what is the best time to go. What are the accommodation options, and what are the animals that we can spot?

To answer all these questions our team has made this blog which will focus on Tanzania safaris FAQs.

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Yes, Tanzania is definitely a safe country to travel. In fact, it is one of the best countries in Africa that offers the best safari experiences. No matter from which country you are coming from, you are going to have a once-in-lifetime experience.


Serengeti National Parks, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Lake Manyara National Park, Arusha National Parks. All these national parks have their own charm and are famous for hosting different safari activities.

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From 6:30-7 am in the morning. The main reason behind this timing is in the early morning the animals tend to be more active. And you can spot a large variety of animals during the early morning.

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WOW! Such an incredible trip, full of animal sightings. Our experience was overall fantastic from start to finish. African scenic safaris is a GREAT choice to do your safari tour!

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We do not sell safari adventure, we simply provide fair advice. Get a quote from our recommended local trek operator.

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