Kilimanjaro Food

Kilimanjaro Food

Kilimanjaro Food

Our Kilimanjaro Foods are designed to ensure you have a balanced diet and enough energy to reach the summit!

  • Bodies can struggle to digest effectively at altitude and loss of appetite is common. Our cooks do their best to ensure there is food appealing to all tastes.
  • We cater for all dietary requirements. If you have specific food needs, we’re happy to provide more information.
  • We adapt the menu as you climb higher to allow your bodies to digest everything they need in preparation for the Kilimanjaro Routes.
  • Our menu works hard to provide replacement fluids and salts.
  • As much food as possible is made of fresh produce. Look out for your porters’ passing with trays of eggs and marvel when you’re given fresh watermelon!
  • Food stocks are replenished to ensure fresh food for the duration of your trip.
  • Cooks are extremely careful to maintain hygienic cooking practices.

Sample Menu


  • Porridge – normally either oats or millet
  • Toast/pancakes
  • Eggs – usually either omelet or French toast
  • Sausage/bacon
  • Spreads, including peanut butter, honey, jams
  • Fruit – often mango, papaya, watermelon, orange, tomato, cucumber, and/or avocado
  • Hot drinks, including tea, coffee, Milo, hot chocolate

Lunch & Dinner

  • On some occasions packed lunch may be provided. Hot lunch is more common and will be provided wherever possible.
  • Fresh soup and bread - including zucchini, pumpkin, spinach, and carrot soups
  • Rice/pasta/potatoes
  • Meat or fish – as part of a sauce/stew or accompanied by one
  • Vegetables such as green beans, spinach, or cabbage
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Hot drinks, including tea, coffee, Milo, hot chocolate
  • We provide hot drinks and snacks at camp and additional snacks for long days of hiking and summit night.
  • We recommend bringing your own snacks, combining slow and fast burn carbohydrates for summit night, when it can be many hours between meals, and for other times when you want something you love to keep you going!
  • Choose snacks you will be able to eat on your way to the summit when some foods freeze or you may be feeling the effects of altitude.


  • Unlimited purified drinking water provided daily.
  • Water is treated using a Katadyn filter or chlorine tablets to ensure it’s 100% safe for consumption.
  • Disposable plastic bottles are strictly not permitted in Kilimanjaro National Park.
  • We suggest bringing electrolytes, oral rehydration, or cordial if you prefer to flavor your water.

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