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Serengeti Safari

Serengeti National Park carries the essence of safari. The Tanzania National Park, Serengeti, has one million hectares of wilderness, home to Africa’s most incredible wildlife. One can experience memorable wildlife encounters on a full-day Serengeti National Park Safari. The famous Serengeti Migration is one of the main attractions that attract many people to enjoy the Tanzania safari. Nothing can beat the excitement and thrill of a Serengeti safari.  

Here are some valuable inputs from our safari expert for enjoying a day in Serengeti National Park

How Do You Get Started For Your Serengeti Safari?

Serengeti Safari

Every camp in the Serengeti National Park offers game drives. On a Serengeti safari game drive, you can explore the vast plains to see diverse wildlife. You can enjoy everything On Serengeti tours like game drives and bush dinners for a memorable safari experience.  

When getting started for a Serengeti safari, consider knowing the different regions of the national park. Proper knowledge about the Serengeti National Park makes it easier to plan a Tanzania Safari Tour

Every experienced driver cum safari guide knows each corner of the Serengeti National Park to provide you with much-needed guidance. Here are the four regions of the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. 

Central (Seronera) Serengeti Region

To maximize the chance of seeing iconic wildlife in the least amount of time, explore the Central Serengeti

  • In April and November, you can see the wildebeest migrating. 
  • The Seronera River in Serengeti has the highest densities of leopards on the earth. 
  • The Central Serengeti Region has postcard stretches of savannah with baobab trees and towering acacia.

Western Corridor and Grumeti Region

The Western Corridor and the Grumeti River in Serengeti are best for viewing the dramatic river crossings. 

  • Late May through June, the Great Migration makes its way to the Western Corridor of the Serengeti National Park.
  • You can see the wildebeest fight for survival with the predators like lions, leopards, and crocodiles. 

Northern Serengeti Region

Witness a scenic landscape of plains, hills, rocky outcrops, and riverine forests in the Northern Serengeti region. 

  • The Mara River in Northern Serengeti is the platform for the mind-blowing river crossing event.
  • The northern Serengeti is famous for Africa’s most sought-after big cats- cheetahs.

Southern Serengeti Region

Southern Serengeti has short-grass plains. Serengeti National Park’s southern region is home to the calving season of the Wildebeest Migration. 

  • January to March is for the calving season.
  • Vibrant wildlife and photography opportunities attract many photographers and filmmakers.
  • Exceptional game viewing opportunities throughout the year in the southern Serengeti region.

Serengeti Safari Highlights

Serengeti Safari Highlights

Every moment spent on a Serengeti safari proves to be memorable. 

  • Witnessing the movement of the wildebeest migration.
  • Spotting the leopards along the Seronera River in the Central Serengeti region.
  • Exploring off-the-beaten-path areas of the Serengeti Ecosystem.
  • Tracking critically endangered creatures- Rhinos at Moru Kopjes.
  • Witnessing a large group of hippos at Retina Hippo Pool.
  • Exploring the Lower Grumeti Woodlands to see the elephant herds.
  • At the beautiful Lobo River Valley, spot the giraffes.  

The Serengeti National Park is full of wildlife wonders. On a game drive in Serengeti Nationa Park, you can spot every member of the Big Five. The Tanzania National Parks has impressive numbers of cheetahs and lions. The rivers and water bodies of the Serengeti ecosystem consist of hippos and the tenacious Nile crocodiles. Serengeti is the perfect place for every bird watcher, as it hosts hundreds of bird species.

Every minute of a Serengeti safari is worth giving you loads of unforgettable and thrilling moments. 

Game Drive On A Serengeti Safari  

Serengeti Game Drive Safari

A game drive is an adventure to watch wildlife from the comfort of a safari vehicle that accommodates four to six people. It evokes a classic game viewing and safari experience. 

A game drive on the Serengeti safari is best to enjoy when the animals are most active. Early mornings and late afternoon game drives are the best. A qualified and skilled guide makes the game drive fun and rewarding experience. The duration of a safari game drive depends on personal preferences. Some registered and authorized safari camps organize night game drives in Serengeti National Park

A game drives through the Serengeti National Park is safe with a trained guide. Your driver cum guide knowing the animals in the Serengeti National Park helps you enjoy some spectacular sightings. A combination of a morning and afternoon game drive during a Serengeti safari ensures a comprehensive experience. 

On a game drive in Serengeti, you have enough time to see the diverse wildlife with an experienced guide. 

Cost of Game Drive in Serengeti National Park

Enjoying a game drive in the Serengeti National Park requires you to pay $60-70 per adult/per day. Your Serengeti National Park safari package includes the entrance fee, food, and accommodation. 

The Morning Game Drive Of A Serengeti Safari

Serengeti Game  Drive Safari

Your morning game drive of a Serengeti safari begins with waking up before sunrise. Then After enjoying a pre-breakfast snack, your morning drive starts to explore the grasslands. 

An early morning game drive in Serengeti National Park is the best time to get closer to wildlife. It is the time when the wildlife action is most exciting. A few predators come out to hunt in the heat! The cool morning provides the best platform for predators to hunt. It helps you witness the thrill of predators in action. 

Morning is a magical time to witness the sun rising across the landscape. You feel refreshed and excited for a great adventure to unfold. In an open 4×4 safari vehicle, you start the early morning game drive. The best thing about a Serengeti safari morning game drive is to see the animal footprints on the moist ground. 

Before your stomach starts grumbling, we pause to enjoy a full bush breakfast in a safe and quiet spot. Morning game drive comes with bush breakfast to help you stay in the wild till lunchtime. You can also opt to return to the lodge for breakfast and start the game drive until lunch.

Your safari expert discusses beforehand with you about the game drive. It helps you convey your guide about the requirements like which animals to see or places to explore. An expert safari guide knows the best places to help you find the best wildlife population. 

On a morning game drive, you may see elephants, lions, black rhinos, giraffes, buffalo, zebra, and other wildlife. It gives Goosebumps to see the leopard or cheetah resting in the shade.

While coming across good wildlife sightings, your guide explains about the animals and allows taking photographs. 

Lunch Break During A Serengeti Safari 

Serengeti Safari

After five to six hours of a morning game drive, we return to the camp for a delicious lunch. You can relax after having lunch in the communal tent or on your private deck. 

While you relax, your guides think about where to take you next based on your preferences. Your safari guide prepares by cleaning the vehicle for our afternoon game drive. We pack snacks and drinks for memorable sundowners.

For a full-day Serengeti safari, we carry packed lunchboxes! It helps you enjoy a picnic bush lunch experience. If you want, we can return to the camp for hot meals. 

The Afternoon Game Drive On A Serengeti Safari

Serengeti Safari

Before the afternoon game drive begins, you can enjoy afternoon tea at the camp. 

Afternoon game drives last two to three hours, which proves to be a rewarding experience. 

 On an afternoon game drive in Serengeti national park, you can encounter the grazing herds of different mammals. You may spot a lioness getting prepared to hunt or herds of antelope grazing in large numbers. While searching for the big game, your guide tells you about the wildlife activities in the ecosystem.

As daylight fades, we set out for sundowners to help you see stunning sunset views over the plains. It allows you to capture photographs while listening to the voices of roaring lions. 

Memorable Dinner After An Exciting Serengeti Safari

Serengeti Safari

While driving back to camp in the twilight, you can look for nocturnal species like honey badgers, civets, and porcupines along the way.

When you reach the safari camp, your dinner will be ready and waiting to be served hot. You can have dinner after an adventurous Serengeti safari in the dining tent or under the stars. Your guide joins you at the table to discuss the day and prepare a plan for the next day. 


Great safari organizer

African Scenic is well-rated and they deserve it. Tom was our safari guide for 4 days in Tanzania and did a fantastic job. Eyes of an eagle and a sense of humor as well. He’s been a guide for years, and his knowledge/experience showed – it felt like all the other guides in the parks were following his lead! Great guy.

Priyank was our contact in sales and he was very thorough in his answers, patient with our many back-and-forths and itinerary tweaks, and put together a solid package. He also answered our non-safari questions, which he didn’t have to but was appreciated. They provided a private 4×4 jeep and can arrange the budget, mid-range, and luxury lodging. Great outfit, you’d be well served in choosing them.

As an FYI: we also used African Scenic to organize our gorilla safari in Uganda. They use partners there, so they can also handle other countries, which is a plus compared to many other providers in Tanzania

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Plan a Memorable Day in Serengeti With Our Tanzania Travel Experts!

Serengeti safari will leave you with an unforgettable experience through its vast wildlife and amazing nature. If you are inspired by this article and want to enjoy an awesome day in Serengeti, contact African Scenic Safaris to start planning out your Serengeti safari adventure! We strive for exceptional customer service by designing custom Tanzania safari tours.

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