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Off-the-beaten-path Tanzania Safari Trips Packages offer travellers a chance to explore some of the country’s lesser-known parks and reserves. These isolated and little-known places are as impressive, if not more, as the other popular Tanzania destinations.

Far away from crowds, these Tanzania Trip Packages allow visitors to experience the African wilderness in a more secluded setting. They take visitors to some of the country’s most beautiful and remote locations. Wildlife enthusiasts and adventurers will get a unique and unforgettable experience when visiting these locations.

These locations let you witness the true wild side of Tanzania that remains undisturbed by human activity.  Let’s see what these off–the–beaten Tanzania Safari Packages have in store for you.

Multi-Day Walking Tanzania Safari Packages

Safaris In Tanzania

Tanzania offers a variety of multi-day walking safaris that allow visitors to experience the beauty and wildlife of the country on foot. These safaris can range from a few days to several weeks. They offer an immersive experience of the local landscape and wildlife while taking you to some of the remote locations.

Some of our popular multiday walking safaris included in our Tanzania Trip Package are:

  • Walking Safari in Serengeti allows visitors to observe wildlife like lions, elephants, and giraffes on foot. The safari is led by an experienced guide and offers a unique perspective on the Serengeti ecosystem.
  • Ngorongoro Highlands Walking Safari takes visitors through the Ngorongoro Crater area, where they can observe the area’s diverse wildlife and stunning scenery. The safari also includes visits to local villages and cultural experiences.

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Cultural Experiences On Off-The-Beaten-Path Tanzania Safaris

Tanzania Safaris

Off-the-beaten-path Tanzania Safari Trips offer unique cultural experiences for visitors looking to immerse themselves in the local way of life. Here are some examples of cultural experiences that can be included in your Tanzania Trip Itinerary to gain a unique taste of their tribes’ authentic lifestyle:

Maasai Cultural Experience

The Maasai people are one of the most well-known ethnic groups in East Africa.  Our Tanzania Safari Day Trips offer visits to their villages where travellers can experience the Maasai way of life. Visitors can watch as the tribe goes about their daily routines and can participate in activities like herding cattle, making traditional crafts, and participating in cultural dances.

Hadzabe Bushmen Experience

The Hadzabe people are one of the last remaining hunter-gatherer tribes in Africa. Our off-the-beaten Best Tanzania Safari Trips include a visit to their villages.  This gives an insight into their daily routines, including hunting, gathering, and making traditional crafts.

Meeting With Local Artisans and Craftspeople

Travelers to Tanzania can take the unique opportunity to meet with local artisans and learn about their craft. Visits to traditional textile weavers, woodcarvers, and jewellery makers are all included in our Best Tanzania Safari Trips Packages. You can also purchase these items as souvenirs when visiting the local artisans.

Cultural Village Tours

Cultural tours to local villages are a great way to learn about the daily life and customs of the local people. Our Tanzania Safari Packages include tours that allow travellers to engage in traditional dance performances, food tastings, and visits to local schools and community centres.

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Adventure Activities On Off-The-Beaten-Path Tanzania Safaris Packages

Travelling off the beaten track in Tanzania gives adventure enthusiasts a chance to participate in many activities. Some of the adventure activities included in our off-the-beaten Tanzania Safari Trip Packages 2023 are mentioned below.

Hot Air Balloon Safaris

The hot air balloon safaris are a unique and unforgettable way to experience the wildlife and landscapes of Tanzania. You get to see some stunning views while soaring high up in the sky. These rides are the best option to get a different perspective of the parking area.

Mount Meru Trekking

Mount Meru is the second-highest mountain in Tanzania, which offers travellers a challenging trekking experience. These 3-4 days trek up the mountains is a great warm-up for those planning to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

Canoeing on Lake Duluti

A canoeing- ride in the tranquil water of Lake Duluti lets you experience the wide variety of bird species and other wildlife in and around the lake.

Discover the chimpanzees of Mhale

A day trip to the Mhale Mountains near the shore of Tanganyika lets you encounter the wild chimpanzees.

See the “Big Five” at Saadani National Park

Avoid the crowds at bigger national parks in Tanzania and visit the lesser-known Saadani National Park to see Africa’s Big Five.

Engage in Water Sports Activities in Zanzibar

When you Plan a Trip to Tanzania, don’t miss out on the Zanzibar islands where thrilling water sports activities are available. Zanzibar, part of Tanzania, is renowned for its crystal-clear waters and vibrant marine life. Whether it’s snorkelling, diving, or kite surfing, these islands offer unforgettable experiences. Make your Trip to Tanzania and Zanzibar truly remarkable by exploring these aquatic adventures

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Luxury Off-The-Beaten-Path Tanzania Safaris Packages

Luxury off-the-beaten-path Safaris In Tanzania offer a range of experiences, including private luxury camping, private luxury villas, fly-in safaris, and private game reserves. These high-end lodges and game reserves include luxurious amenities and services including private chefs, spa treatments, and private game drives

Our off-the-beaten Luxury Tanzania Safari Packages are designed to provide a more secluded and personalized experience in some remote locations in the country. So, create memories in some luxurious locations during the Tanzania Safari Trip with our luxury packages.

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Family-Friendly Off-The-Beaten-Path Tanzania Safaris Packages

Tanzania Safaris

Family-friendly off-the-beaten-path safaris cater to families with children of all ages. They provide a range of activities and accommodations tailored to families’ needs and preferences.

The all-inclusive Tanzania Safari Trips Packages offer activities that can be enjoyed by all the members of the family together. These safari activities include game drives, walking safaris, cultural experiences, and adventure activities. Cultural interactions can be a great learning experience for both children and elders in families.

Accommodations on family-friendly off-the-beaten-path Safaris in Tanzania are designed to cater to the needs of families. We have got your options, including private villas, luxury camps, and lodges. So, choose the accommodations wisely as per the needs of your family. 

Keeping in mind the needs of the families, amenities such as swimming pools and game rooms are also provided. Also, meals are often tailored to the preferences of children. Special attention is also given to picky eaters, and special diets are taken care of.

A little information on Tanzania Safari Cost: As you plan your unique Tanzania safari experience, consider the cost factor. Our Tanzania Safari Trip Packages are designed to offer the best value, balancing luxury and adventure. The Tanzania Trip Cost varies based on duration, activities, and accommodation choices. Feel free to contact us for detailed pricing and tailor your dream safari within your budget.

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Get The Best Tanzania Safari Packages

Tanzania Safaris Packages offer a wealth of benefits that set them apart from traditional safari packages. Here you get more opportunities to explore lesser-known regions. You also encounter wildlife in a more natural setting and get a chance to immerse in the local culture.

So, for a truly immersive and unforgettable experience, opt for our off-the-beaten Safaris in Tanzania with us.  We at African Scenic Safaris have customized itineraries for a unique and worthwhile experience in the wildest places of Tanzania.

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