Is It Possible To Plan A Responsible Serengeti Safari In Tanzania?

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Serengeti Safari

When planning a Serengeti Safari, people think of the Great Migration and Big Five. There are many other things to consider for planning a responsible safari in the Serengeti. A sustainable safari in Serengeti helps the local community, wildlife, and you to get the best.  

Proper planning is vital for a sustainable and responsible safari in the Serengeti. In this blog, let us discuss all the essential aspects to get the most out of responsible and sustainable Serengeti Safari Tours.

The key is to plan your Serengeti National Park safari perfectly and sustainably. It will help you enjoy your Tanzania safari tour to the fullest.

Things To Consider When Getting Started For A Serengeti Safari

Serengeti Safari

Serengeti National Park is the best-known Tanzania wildlife sanctuary in the world. The endless plains, diverse wildlife, and ancient Maasai tribes are some of the best attractions of Serengeti. The star of Serengeti safari tours is the Great Wildebeest Migration

Reaching Serengeti- The Best Flight Option

How To Get Serengeti

The Kilimanjaro International Airport is a favorite among visitors heading to the Serengeti National Park. Arusha is around fifty kilometers drive from the Kilimanjaro International Airport. 

Many flights operate between Arusha and Dar Es Salaam’s Julius Nyerere Airport.  

You can reach the Serengeti National Park via Arusha on a small plane. It takes you to one of the airstrips in the Serengeti. 

If you choose road transportation from Arusha to reach Serengeti, it offers spectacular wildlife sightings and scenery along the way. 

When to Go For Serengeti Safari Tours?

Best Time To Visit Serengeti

Serengeti National Park offers the most spectacular wildlife sightings regardless of the time and season of the year. Most areas of Serengeti Park prove the best platform for wildlife viewing due to migration and season change. 

The warm and dry season is the best time to visit Serengeti Park. The dry season from June to October results in thinner vegetation and limited water sources. It makes wildlife easier to spot. The dry season in Serengeti has few mosquitoes and clear sunny skies. 

In June and July, you can see the Serengeti Wildebeest Migration! During this period, the Grumeti River crossing takes place. August will be the perfect time for you to see Mara River Crossing.

November, April & May are the wet seasons in Serengeti! It is the time when the grassy plains in Serengeti turn lush green due to the short afternoon showers. Planning a Serengeti tour during this period can help you witness the migratory birds from Europe and Asia. You can see the wildebeest calving in the months like January and February!

Do Not Miss Out on Medical Check-Ups and Travel Insurance!

Tanzania Travel Insurance

Before starting for Tanzania safari tours, make sure you are in perfect health condition by consulting a doctor. Make sure to get all the necessary documents ready for your Tanzania Tours.

You can apply for an e-visa for your Tanzania trip. Take care of the essential things, like vaccinations, disease immunization, visa, valid passport, and approved prescription. It helps you to get the best out of your Serengeti Safari Experience in Tanzania.

Why Go For Medical Check-Ups?

  • Tanzania is a malaria zone! So, malaria prophylactics are necessary.
  • Some recommended immunizations are Typhoid, Rabies, Hepatitis A and B, and Tetanus.

Why Tanzania Travel Insurance?

  • The Tanzania Travel insurance covers trip wiping out, crisis departure, and baggage.
  • The cost of Tanzania travel insurance depends on the expense of the safari.
  • Tanzania travel insurance gives you the liberty to get the necessary medical attention during the trip.

How Can You Make The Most Of Your Serengeti Safari Tour?

Serengeti Safari Tour

Stay Calm and Enjoy The Safari! Do not Rush!

During your Serengeti safari, stay relaxed and enjoy everything! Sometimes you can come across unexpected wildlife sightings. Have patience and enjoy the safari in the Serengeti! A safari in the Serengeti National Park will never disappoint you! 

Appreciate What You See

Appreciate whatever you come across during a Serengeti safari! The UNESCO World Heritage Site- Serengeti National Park offers you a rare and unique experience. So, appreciate whatever comes to you during the safari or game drive! 

Know Your Guide

An experienced guide has knowledge and information about the wildlife and the Serengeti. Your guide can give the best insight during the safari in the Serengeti. You will enjoy seeing the incredible wildlife encounters and knowing more about them from your guide.

Wake Up Early

During your safari in Serengeti, waking up early in the morning can help you enjoy unique experiences. Waking up early in the Serengeti bush allows you to enjoy the morning game drive and watch the scenic sunrise. Being an early bird during your Serengeti safari helps you encounter once-in-a-lifetime experiences. 

Stay In A The Serengeti Sustainable Camps

The best thing to plan a sustainable and responsible Serengeti safari is by booking camps or lodges for accommodation. Sustainable camps or lodges offer you comfort in an environmentally friendly way during your safari stay. 

Eco-Friendly Accommodation For Serengeti Safari

Serengeti Accommodations

Going on a safari creates the best impact on community and wildlife conservation in Tanzania. 

Booking Tanzania Accommodation at eco-friendly lodges or camps in Serengeti helps create jobs for local community members. 

Choosing Eco-friendly accommodation minimizes the damage you do when visiting safari locations like Serengeti National Park! The environmentally-friendly camps use eco bathrooms and rely on sustainable energy sources like solar energy. It causes minimum harm and damage to the environment around them.

Eco camps and lodges in Serengeti offer something unique and different from everyday life. It helps the environment and allows tourists to enjoy a comfortable safari stay experience. 

 Serengeti Wilderness Camp

The eco-camp is in the heart of the Serengeti National Park. The Serengeti Wilderness Camp offers comfort and unique safari experiences. You can view the beautiful area, relax, and enjoy safari activities like balloon safaris and game viewing. The Serengeti Wilderness Camp offers facilities, delicious food, and hospitable staff.

Serengeti North Wilderness Camp

The eco-camp in the Serengeti National Park utilizes solar power. You can enjoy an exciting game viewing and safari experience during your stay at the Serengeti North Wilderness Camp. The eco-camp offers luxury, comfort, and privacy. 

You can get facilities like comfortable beds, wifi, a reference library, and entertainment for children. Serengeti North Wilderness Camp offers the best wildlife sightings like buffaloes and hyenas.

Read what travelers think about a responsible Serengeti safari

Trip of a Lifetime

Wow! What an incredible experience!!! Going on a safari was a bucket list item for me, and my expectations were exceeded! Jackson, our guide, was so nice and accommodating, and really focused on making sure we saw all the animals in their natural habitat! We truly felt like we were inside of a National Geographic documentary! Simbo, the owner, was also extremely nice, accommodating, and has a great sense of humor! I would absolutely use African Scenic Safaris again!!


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Things To Follow On A Reponsible Serengeti Safari Tour

When visiting the Serengeti bush, consider that you are someone’s home as the visitor. So, show respect to earn respect in return! Follow the correct ways to make your safari more enjoyable and sustainable. It helps the Serengeti National Park environment and its inhabitants.

Here are some Responsible Safari Travel Tips to Follow in Serengeti National Park:

  • Respect the environment and local cultures. Familiarize yourself with the local beliefs, culture, and etiquette. Try learning a few words in the native Swahili language, like hello, thank you, and goodbye! Showing respect to everyone on your safari will help you to build a rapport with the people around you.
  • You can find eco-friendly toiletries at lodges or camps during your safari stay. The eco-friendly toiletries are chemical-free and come with biodegradable packaging.  
  • Remember that water supplies are scarce in many Tanzanian destinations. So, please use water carefully! Many camps or lodges in Serengeti offer branded reusable water bottles during your stay. If you have a bottle from your first camp, keep it with you for the duration of your safari. Turn down the offer of additional bottles to avoid collecting or leaving behind bottles and avoid waste.

Why Plan A Responsible Serengeti Safari?

People fly from around the world to enjoy exciting Serengeti safari tours! Tanzania National Park- Serengeti welcomes visitors to see diverse wildlife in their unspoiled natural habitats.

Despite the influx of visitors, the Serengeti natural wonders and animals continue to exist. It is due to maintaining a sustainable and responsible Tanzania safari tour.

As a visitor or tourist, you must respect the land and minimize the carbon footprint. Disrespecting and polluting the environment can lead to deteriorating wildlife and natural wonders. 

COVID-19 had a devastating impact on world tourism! Through a sustainable and responsible safari, you have the opportunity to give back. So, consider a safari in Serengeti with a purpose! 

If you want to plan a responsible Serengeti Safari, contact us today at-+255 (0) 784 413 801 | [email protected]. We will be glad to help you.

Choose Your Responsible Safari Operator in Tanzania! 

All these above tips will definitely help you to make your dream Serengeti safari true. You should definitely come to Serengeti once in your life. Believe us, you will come again and again. Serengeti will make you fall in love with its untouched nature and wildlife. You can consider relying on African Scenic Safaris for a responsible Serengeti safari. We know conservation issues and pay attention to the local economy. It helps us to provide you with a tailor-made reliable safari experience!  

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