High Season Vs. Low Season Tanzania Safari – Time Can Make The Difference!

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Safari In Tanzania

The Tanzania Safari Season is generally divided into two seasons:

High Safari Season runs between May and October.

Low Safari Season runs between November to April.

However, Tanzania is a year-round safari destination that gives unexpected safari experiences at any time of the year.

Still, the common question of every traveler is: what is the Best Time To Visit Tanzania?

With this breakdown of the seasons in Safaris In Tanzania, you must find your answers.

Differentiate between the High & Low season Tanzania safaris

In Tanzania, timing is everything from the perspective of safari. The dilemma of choosing the perfect time of the year for your Tanzania Safari has come to an end with this breakdown of the seasons.

FactsHigh/peak SeasonLow/Green Season
TimeRuns between May to OctoberRuns between November to April
Weather/ClimateThe weather remains Cool & DryThe weather remains Hot and occasionally wet
Wildlife viewsEasy to spot animalsA little hard to spot animals
Newborn animalsNot many baby animals  can be foundLots of baby animals are found around
Bird watchingNot many migrant birds can be seenThe best time for bird watching
Wildebeest MigrationThe epic Serengeti-Masai Mara River crossingCalving Season in Serengeti, Tanzania
CrowdsNational parks and game reserves are found most crowdedNational parks and game reserves are found less crowded
AccommodationsLess availability of accommodations because of more visitorsEasy availability of accommodations because of fewer visitors
Landscape and NatureDry & cracked landscape with no natural beautyEverywhere looks green and alive with full of natural beauty
Safari CostHighest safari costLowest safari cost
Safari BookingsNeed to book in advanceNeed to book too far in advance
Best Time To Visit Tanzania

Major Factors to consider in Tanzania Safari (High vs Low Season)

There are some major aspects of your Safaris In Tanzania that are greatly affected by the time of the year. Here are the details-

Safari Activities (High vs Low Season)

  • When it comes to Tanzania Safari Tours, tourism activities are the first thing that one can think about. Though Tanzania is a year-round safari destination, some safari activities are best done in the high season.

During this dry/high season, wildlife viewing is excellent and it results in the best game viewing and other safari activities.

  • In contrast, the low-season Safari In Tanzania is best for bird watching. This time, you can see hundreds of migrant birds flying from different corners of the world like Europe and Asia. The best birding destinations like Lake Manyara and Tarangire, You can see lots of colorful birds in the low/wet season
    Tanzania Safari Activities

    Accommodation (High vs Low Season)

    • During the high safari season in Tanzania, many tourists from all over the world come for a Tanzania Safari. That’s why the national parks and other game reserves are found crowded in the high season.

    It causes less availability of lodges and camps. Especially the accommodations inside the park fill up quickly. This time many accommodations charge higher.

    • But in the low season, there are fewer tourists visiting Tanzania. The rain starts and it demotivates the travelers to plan a trip in this wet season. Because of the less crowd, lodges and camps are not fully booked and available.

    You can find luxurious accommodation options at a very affordable price. Many lodges and hotels provide offers and discounts in this low season.

    Tanzania Accommodation

    Tanzania Safari Cost (High vs Low Season)

    When embarking on a Tanzania Safari Tour, budgeting is the prime task. And there are several ways to calculate the Tanzania Safari Cost.  The tourism season is among them that affects the safari budget highly.

    • However, Tanzania Safari is more lavish in the high season if you book from May to October. Due to a large number of tourist visits, some national parks, accommodations, and tourist operators raise their prices.

    For example; the entrance fee of national parks like Serengeti and Ngorongoro is around $70 in the high season while reduced to $60/$50 in the low season.

    • On the other hand, you can visit Tanzania on a Budget-Friendly Safari Tour. In fact, the low season is the best for budget safari and the experience is not less than the high safari season.
    Tanzania Safari Cost

    Weather & Climate (High vs Low Season)

    • The high-season weather is generally dry and sunny making it the Best Time To Visit Tanzania. Generally, the mornings and the evenings are cold while the afternoons remain warm.

    This is perfect for various safari activities within the national parks such as nature walks, game drives, Hot Air Balloon Safaris, and so on.

    • The low season is also considered the wet season. The weather remains hot and sometimes rainy. Generally, clouds build up during the day and break down in the afternoon with thunderstorms. This makes wildlife hard to spot. You can see wildlife at this time but not as good as in the dry months.
    Tanzania Weather

    What to pack (High vs Low Season)

    • In the high safari season, the mornings and evenings are quite cold. So you should pack a fleece jacket, gloves, a scarf, long trousers, and closed shoes.

    You can dress up in layers while a morning and afternoon game drive. Because you may feel the cold breeze while game viewing.

    • The sun is at its high intensity and it may be harmful to you while moving in the open plains. So don’t ever forget to bring sunscreen and a sun hat.

    Apart from that, 2-3 pairs of shorts and t-shirts, one pair of trousers and long sleeve shirts are also highly suggested to pack.

    Tanzania Safari Packing List

    The Great Wildebeest Migration (High vs Low Season)

    The great migration is a year-round cycle of vast animal movement. Still, according to your choice, you can choose the specific time of the year for Tanzania Safari Tours.

    • The high season is best known as the River Crossing season. During this time between June and August, tourists can enjoy the dramatic Mara River Crossing.

    This is the most spectacular view as the wildebeests and the zebras cross the dangerous Mara River followed by the predators.

    • If you love baby animals, low season is the best for you. Because between December and May, the calving season starts in southern Serengeti.

    Many wildebeests give birth to their babies. Between late January and March, around 8,000 calves are born in a day.

    Great Wildebeest Migration

    Pros and Cons of High Season and Low Season

    Every month of the safari year in Tanzania has advantages along with some disadvantages. The high and low seasons are the two main parts of the year for Tanzania Safari Tours. So, tourists must also know their pros and cons before their trip.

    Safari In Tanzania

    An overview-High Season Or Low Season?

    Traditionally, the high season is considered the best time for wildlife games because they’re easier to spot with fewer vegetables and water around.

    But it’s important to note that the same number of animals are found during the low season. At this time, they just have more options to drink and eat, so may wander more widely.

    If you are like to go on a Safari in Tanzania with less crowded parks, consider visiting during the wet/low season. You may feel like you are on a private safari and the entire hotel is your own!

    If you aim to witness a river crossing of Serengeti’s Great Wildebeest Migration and the great wildlife game, choose the dates between June and October (the high season).

    Plan a Tanzania Safari according to your standpoint!

    Tanzania’s wildlife is always evergreen! Each and every month is the best time to experience the wonders of Tanzania.

    The flora of the national parks continually moves rhythmically with life. So, choose a time that best suits you for your Tanzania Safari whether it is high or low season. Then get ready to experience the wonders of the natural beauty and thrilling wildlife of this beautiful country.

    We, being true experts, collectively work 365 days on safari to ensure you will enjoy the trip of a lifetime. We go above and beyond by designing your dream Safaris To Tanzania by providing valuable advice.

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