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Tanzania Safari

The best way to enjoy your Safaris in Tanzania is by staying in some of the best, cosy, and most luxurious accommodations. You’ll have your hands full with favourable choices. This includes tented camps that bring you straight into the lap of nature and top-of-the-line safari lodges that have endless amenities.

Below we’ll deep-dive into the options, provide you with some useful factors before you choose your perfect fit, and give some of our handpicked recommendations (in both the camps and lodges sections). So are you looking forward to spending your nights under the skies filled with a million stars and experiencing world-class hospitality during your Tanzania Safari Tours?

Tanzania Safaris Camping Accommodation

These types of Tanzania Accommodations are typically set against the scenic backdrops of Tanzania. You’ll get to appreciate the gorgeous sceneries of Tanzania from here while hearing the distinct sounds of the Tanzanian Bush when falling asleep. Plenty of photographic opportunities will also await you here and you’ll leave with nothing but memorable experiences.

A True Wilderness experience:   – Camping provides an opportunity to experience Tanzania’s incredible natural beauty up close and personal. – You can wake up to the sound of birds chirping, watch wildlife from your tent, and stargaze at night.Limited Amenities:   – Unlike safari lodges, camping accommodations in Tanzania offer limited amenities.
Flexibility:   – Camping accommodations allow a more flexible itinerary. – Because you are not tied to fixed check-in and check-out times as would be with a hotel or lodge.Lack of Privacy:   Camping can be less private than staying in a game lodge as you may be sharing your space with other travellers.
Communal experience:   – If you’re travelling solo, camping can be a great way to meet other like-minded individuals and share experiences. 

Our Selection Of The Best Camps In Tanzania

Sanctuary Ngorongoro Crater CampNgorongoro Conservation Area5-Star (Luxury)
Wayo Africa Green Camp ManyaraLake Manyara National Park5-Star (Luxury)
Tanzania Bush CampTarangire National Park4-Star (Luxury)
Embalaki CampSerengeti National Park5-Star (Luxury)
Note – These handpicked Tanzania Camping Accommodations will help you to eliminate the drawbacks of tented camps. I.e. limited privacy and amenities because they offer the best luxury experiences.

For an even more authentic Tanzania Safaris experience, luxury mobile camps are a great choice. They are just like tented camps but are located in remote regions and are transferrable.

Tanzania Safaris Lodge Accommodation

Tanzania Safari Accommodations

For the convenience of safari-goers, these types of accommodations are located in close vicinity to the Tanzania National Parks. They provide the best Tanzania Luxury Safari experience you could wish for while offering activities like game drives and outdoor picnics. Below is a representation of the benefits and limitations of safari lodges:

Top-notch comfort and convenience:   Safari lodges provide comfortable and well-equipped rooms, as well as amenities such as restaurants, swimming pools, and spasLess Immersive:   Staying in a lodge can be less immersive and feel less like a true wilderness experience compared to camping or staying in a more rustic setting. – To counter this lodges have special outdoor safari activities that visitors can take part in like game drives, bush picnics, stargazing, etc.
Enhanced Safety and Security – All the potential dangers are covered by the measures set in place in lodgesLimited flexibility:   Staying in a lodge can limit flexibility in terms of meal times and activities, as schedules and menus are often pre-set.
Professional Staff and the best hospitality:   Lodges have knowledgeable and experienced staff who can provide advice and assistance with activities and offer the best hospitality. 
Note – The above benefits and limitations are generalizations. So, they may differ depending on the specific lodge and individual preferences.

Our Selection Of The Best Camps In Tanzania

One Nature NyaruswigaSerengeti National Park5-Star (Luxury)
ElewanaTarangire National Park5-Star (Luxury)
Asilia HighlandsNgorongoro Conservation Area5-Star (Luxury)
Mawe Mawe Manyara LodgeLake Manyara National Park4-Star (Luxury)

A Suggestion from us – All of the above lodges are located inside special private concessions in the national parks.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Accommodation For Tanzania Safaris

There are some key factors that you have to know before you pick your Tanzania Safari accommodations. These include how much you’re willing to spend, the comfort levels you desire, personal preference, accessibility, etc. Below is a comparison of each criterion and how it differs according to lodges and camps:

CostsLess expensiveMore expensive
Comfort LevelsMid-range comfortLuxurious comfort facilities
FoodSimple mealsGourmet cuisine
AmenitiesLimited amenitiesFully inclusive amenities
Wildlife viewingCloser to natureLimited sightings, but activities are available in the private concessions
SafetyPossibility of wildlife encountersSecure and Protected environment
Note – When it comes to safety in the camping accommodations of Tanzania, there’s always a chance of encountering some animals. But, the staff and designated park rangers will always be around, so you don’t have to worry about this aspect.

Have Your Perfect Pick Of Tanzania Accommodations!

To sum things up, choosing accommodations during Tanzania safaris depends on your individual preferences and priorities. While some people prefer being closer to nature, others may need a set of fully luxurious amenities.

So have your perfect pick from our above-recommended Tanzania Safari Accommodations. We have covered all of the major national parks that you’ll likely be visiting, so you won’t have to worry about the location of each accommodation.

All the camps and lodges aren’t all the options we offer our valued fellow travellers. There are a whole lot of other possibilities for a distinct luxurious stay. Contact our travel experts at African Scenic Safaris and we’ll show you the best of Tanzania Safari Tours.

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