A Safari in Ngorongoro- Driving into the Wild!

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Safari in Ngorongoro

Safari In Ngorongoro is One of the world’s rewarding natural wonders, the Ngorongoro Crater is located in the north of Tanzania. This is the world’s largest intact volcanic caldera and an amazing place to explore wildlife.

Stretching over 260 square kilometers with walls 610 meters deep, it’s a geological marvel. This is a treat for every eye who visits this for the first time.

So, without further delay, let’s have a journey to Ngorongoro Crater!

How Did The Ngorongoro Crater Form?

Around 2.5 million years ago, the large active volcano exploded and collapsed, forming Ngorongoro. The cone of the volcanic caldera collapsed inwards, creating one of the most unique safari parks in Africa, the Ngorongoro Crater.

To know more about Ngorongoro Crater, please follow the given link. With 13 years of experience organizing such trips, we can guide you in the right direction – so give us a call to discuss your Safari To Tanzania, Ngorongoro Crater.

Ngorongoro Safari-the Enormous Wildlife

Ngorongoro Crater is the most densely populated protected area in Africa with approximately 30,000 animals. The Crater has the world record for predators as per the current concluded wildlife in Africa.

  • The Ngorongoro Crater is the best place in Tanzania to see the amazing Big Five (Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhino, and Buffalo).
  • The most endangered black rhino can be spotted here.
  • The largest tusker elephant that left a few in Africa today is seen in the Ngorongoro Crater.
  • Other animals in the Crater are over 7,000 wildebeests, 6,000 black hyenas, 4,000 Zebra, 3,000 elands, 3,000 gazelles, 300 elephants, over 55 lions, and 30 black rhinos.

Despite the above, other small animals are also seen here in the Crater.  The Crater is also home to around 500 bird species including the small and biggest birds.

Ngorongoro Safari

Ngorongoro Crater Safari- Special Activities

The Ngorongoro Crater has limited safari activities such as game drives, Walking safari, and cultural visits to the Masai villages. Here in this article, we have given some ideas about the safari activities done in Ngorongoro Crater.

The Game Drive in the Crater-drive amidst the wild:

Game drives into the Ngorongoro Crater through a lush highland forest, with magnificent birdlife and different tree species is just magical.

  • On the grassy crater floor, you can discover a large variety of grazing herbivores through the game drive.
  • You can also spot the predators that are attracted by the abundant supply of prey.
  • At the peak time of year, you may see huge flocks of pink flamingos around the shores of the shallow Lake Magadi.
  • Safari vehicles are closed, with glass windows and a pop-up roof and you can see all wildlife species safely.
  • Off-road driving is not permitted here in the Crater.

The crater has its ecosystem due to its enclosed nature. This is where you can visualize all the rare special things in Africa through a game drive.

Walking through the Nature:

Walking through the Crater among the wildlife is breathtaking. During your walk along the Crater rim will take you through gorgeous foliage, colorful wildflowers, and lush trees unique to the Ngorongoro Highlands.

  • You can see an abundance of wildlife along with beautiful bird species.
  • Walking in their habitat allows you to see the wild animals from a closer encounter.
  • You can also enjoy the spectacular beauty of nature and the vast landscapes.

So, walking safari is something more adventurous than the game drive and drives you towards inner pleasure.

Ngorongoro Safari Activities

Excursion to Olduvai Gorge:

Olduvai Gorge (Oldupai in the Masai language) in Northern Tanzania is a rich palaeoanthropology site to visit when on a safari to Ngorongoro Crater.

  • The Olduvai Gorge is set between the Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park.
  • Explore the museum to discover the history of the site and learn about the various fossils to be found here.
  • You can see a replica of the nearby Laetoli Footprints, which provide some of the earliest evidence of human life.
  • Learn about the hominines and prehistoric mammals that lived in the area.

Olduvai Gorge tour is a must-visit destination while your safari to Ngorongoro Crater.

Visit the Masai, the nomadic tribes:

Meeting Maasai tribes is on many people’s bucket lists after seeing photos of Maasai warriors jumping high in the air. Wearing their traditional red robes the Maasai are the most known of all nomadic tribes out there.

They are welcoming and friendly. Friends with them and you can learn about their rich culture and ancient traditions.

Ngorongoro Safari Activities

Where to Stay in the Ngorongoro Crater?

The choice is whether to stay at a hotel on the Crater rim for the magnificent view or away from the Crater in nearby Karatu. But it doesn’t impact the experience you will gain from your Ngorongoro Crater safari.

The advantages of Karatu include the lack of crowds, better prices, and smaller and more intimate lodges which offer a range of safari activities.

On the rim, the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is the best luxury hotel and is mind-blowing. The Serena and the Sopa have equally remarkable views of the Crater floor and are much more affordable options. But they are large in size and fairly old hotels.

To plan your Ngorongoro Crater safari to Tanzania, contact us today at +255 783 080 239 or email us at [email protected]. We provide the best safari accommodation facility to our tourist guests.

Ngorongoro Accommodations

How to get to Ngorongoro Crater?

For your better help, we have mentioned here how you can get into the Ngorongoro Crater. Let’s have a look-

First option driving from Arusha:

If you are traveling in a group, then it depends on your group size and how much it will cost to book a private vehicle. Sharing the vehicle and guide from the moment of pick up at Kilimanjaro Airport when you arrive on your international flight may make it affordable for you.

By driving to Ngorongoro Crater, you can spend the night on either side of the Crater to experience the beauty.

The second option is- Fly from Arusha:

If you are staying at a “fly-in” camp or in a luxurious hotel which means your guide and vehicle are provided by your hotel or camp. 

Your guide can pick you up from Lake Manyara airstrip when you fly in. This can be more favorable if there are fewer people in your group. It will make flying cheaper than driving in a private vehicle from Arusha.

Getting To Ngorongoro

Experience The Safari in Ngorongoro At Its Best

Safari In Ngorongoro

Visiting the largest unbroken Caldera Ngorongoro Crater is once in a lifetime experience while your Safari To Tanzania. You can combine your safari with the two nearest safari destinations, Serengeti National Park and Tarangire National Park. So, why are you waiting for? Plan your journey to Tanzania for some more adventures in life.

To learn more about Tanzania safari, read our other blogs from our blog section- https://africanscenicsafaris.com/blog/category/safaris/

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