9 Wonderful Wildlife To See During Your Tanzania Safari

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Tanzania Safari

Tanzania Safari is one of the most popular Safari destinations in Africa for wildlife. It is home to some of the most iconic wildlife species! The dense wilderness, vast savannahs, grassland plains, and wetlands help Tanzania wildlife to thrive. 

The incredible wildlife in Tanzania includes elephants, gazelles, lions, cheetahs, Leopards, ostriches, wildebeests, and much more. You can find the highest number of predators in East African countries, like big cats, hyenas, and jackals. 

Tanzania wildlife safari is a once-a-lifetime experience that helps you see the animals from close with safety and precautions. There is an opportunity to spot the Big Five which consists of rhinoceros, lion, elephant, Cape buffalo, and leopard.

Top 9 Tanzania Wildlife To Watch On A Safari Adventure!  

Here is the list to get an idea about the animals that you can explore and come across on Tanzania Safari Tours

1. The Jungle King- Lions

Tanzania Wildlife

You can easily spot the lions on a Tanzania Safari while exploring a national park or game reserve. The lions roam freely in the vast lush green savannahs. There is a healthy population of lions, lionesses, and their cubs found in Tanzania’s many national parks and reserves.

You can experience the thrill of seeing the jungle king (Lions) up close! Spot the Jungle kings crossing the fields or resting under the shade of a tree! The best time to see the predatory lions is during the dry season. 

2. Wildebeests – the Most Renowned for Tanzania Safari

Wildebeest Migration

Tanzania is famous for wildebeest migration! You must be curious to see and know about the wildebeest. Apart from the Big Five, the wildebeests are one of the main attractions of a Tanzania safari tour. You can spot wildebeests by exploring the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.

The wildebeest and many grazing animals migrate from Serengeti National Park to Masai Mara Reserve and come back. The animals migrate following the rains in search of food and water. It is the world’s most spectacular wildlife annual event that one must watch in a lifetime.  Wildebeest has sharp horns, a slight hump, and a hairy body. They are one of the animals that can be spotted all year round. The large herds of Wildebeests settle down for calving season from Dec to Mar in Southern Serengeti, they can be spotted in Western and Central from Apr to Jun and in the Northern region of Serengeti crossing to Masai Mara and back in July to October.

3. Elephants – The Giant and Elegant Creature of Tanzania Safari

Tanzania Wildlife

One of the Big Five members- the giant Elephants in Tanzania is a common sight. Each wildlife park and game reserve in Tanzania has an abundant population of elephants. The mighty elephants are friendly and safe to see up close on a safari. 

You can see the elephants walking in small groups or roaming around. The best national park in Tanzania to spot them is Tarangire National Park, where you can see the giant elephants in large herds. This Tanzanian National Park has a dense population of elephants. 

4. Hippopotamus- The Relaxed Ones

Tanzania Wildlife

A part of the Big Five club- Hippopotamus, is the relaxed one! The East African Country- Tanzania has a vast population of hippos. You can see the hippos roaming around the fields in most of the national parks and reserves throughout the year. The monsoon season is the best time to spot hippos in Tanzania.  

During monsoons, the rivers get filled with water. It helps you spot the hippos wallowing in the water. You can spot the pink-hued Flamingos along with hippos during the monsoon season.

5. Antelopes- The Best Survivors of Tanzania Safari

Tanzania Antelopes

Antelopes are the best survivors as they can survive in all kinds of ecosystems. You can spot antelopes in the marshlands, fields, and dry lands. When visiting national parks or wildlife reserves in Tanzania, you get an opportunity to spot the antelopes. In Tanzania, there are numerous antelope species. 

Some antelope species in Tanzania’s national parks or reserves are gazelle, eland, hartebeest, topi, impala, waterbuck, lesser kudu, and bushbuck. The antelopes are fast and hard to hunt! 

6. Giraffes- The National Pride

Tanzania Giraffes

Tanzania’s national animal, the giraffe, is a must to watch on your safari tour! Tanzania has the world’s largest giraffe population in the world. The giraffe is a friendly herbivore animal. If you are planning to travel to Tanzania, try to spot a Giraffe herd on your safari tour.

7. Zebra- Our Favorite Animal 

Tanzania's Zebra

On a Tanzania wildlife safari, you can see one of our favorite animals- the Zebra. The white and black stripe animal- zebra are always found in herds. You can spot the herds grazing across the fields or near the river banks in many national parks or reserves. Did you know that the stripes on a Zebra are very similar to Human Fingerprints in that each Zebra has its unique pattern?

8. Black Rhino- The Endangered Species 

Tanzania Safari Wildlife

When visiting Tanzania, you can spot the endangered species- the rhino on a safari. Tanzania has the best ecosystem to support and help the endangered species- the black rhino survive and thrive.  

9. Monkeys, Chimpanzees, and Apes

Tanzania Chimpazee

On your Tanzania wildlife safari, you can spot a variety of chimpanzees, monkeys, gibbons, and apes. Tanzania has a healthy population of monkeys found in various game reserves and national parks. You can spot these wildlife creatures easily in Tanzania. The Mahale National Park and Gombe Stream Reserve are the best places in Tanzania to spot Chimpanzees.

Top Most Interesting Facts about Tanzania Wildlife

Tanzania Safari Wildlife Facts

These are some most important facts you should know about the wildlife of Tanzania before your Tanzania safari trip.

  • In Tanzania, wildlife thrives per square mile of land. It makes Tanzania have a vast concentration of wildlife population in the world. 
  • Tanzania is known for its annual wildlife event- Wildebeest Migration. It is the largest mass movement of grazing animals on the planet. 
  • Ngorongoro Crater in Northern Tanzania is a wildlife Eden for safari enthusiasts and wildlife lovers also considered a UNESCO heritage site. 
  • Tarangire National Park in Tanzania is home to large elephant herds and also home to the Gerenuk which is very difficult to find anywhere else.
  • The Gombe and Mahale rainforests in western Tanzania are home to colobus monkeys and chimpanzees.  
  • Do You Know Tanzania’s National Animal? The giraffe is the national animal of East African Country-Tanzania. 
  • You can spot the most wildlife on a Tanzania safari by exploring the conservation areas and national parks. 
  • Tanzania has around Twenty-two wildlife reserves and national parks covering 16,000 square miles.
  • Get an opportunity to see a large concentration of baboons in the Lake Manyara National Park. It is also a bird lover’s paradise.

Well, these amazing facts about the wildlife of Tanzania attract thousands of tourists across the world.

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