Where Does Kilimanjaro Rank In Height?

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Mountains are giant towering natural spectacles standing high and mighty above us. We just need to explore them. They all vary in height and size. Among the Seven Summits, Kilimanjaro Mountain is the most prominent & Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing is regarded as the best adventure activity.

Mountains are categorized by height according to how far they stand above sea level. But they can also be measured differently from the Earth’s core. So, when it comes to the seven summits, where does Mount Kilimanjaro rank?  What is the Mount Kilimanjaro Height?

Height Of Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa. It is also the highest free-standing mountain in the world. This breathtaking mountain lies at an altitude of 5,895 m and is famous for its stunning natural beauty.

For mountain climbers, trekkers and adventurers, Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing is an absolute favourite. Coming back to our question, Where Do You Think Mount Kilimanjaro Ranks in the Seven Summits? When properly analyzed, Mount Kilimanjaro is the fourth most prominent mountain in the world among the seven summits.

Now, if given the chance, which mountain would you prefer to climb? Are you ready for Mount Kilimanjaro? Let’s find out the facts about the Seven Summits!

Mount Kilimanjaro Compared To the Seven Summits

As said before, the seven summits are the highest peaks in each of the continents. Here’s a rank order according to their height –

  • Mount Everest (29,035 feet / 8,850 m) in Asia.
  • Aconcagua (22,829 feet / 6,962 m) in South America.
  • Denali (20,320 feet / 6,190 m) in North America.
  • Kilimanjaro (19,340 feet / 5,895 m) in Africa.
  • Mount Elbrus (18,510 feet / 5,642 m) in Europe.
  • Mount Carstensz (16,023 feet / 4,884 m) or Mount Kosciuszko (7,310 feet / 2,228 m) in Oceania.
  • Mount Vinson (16,067 feet / 4,892 m) in Antarctica.

Heights of Summits of Mount Kilimanjaro

Compared to the other seven summits, Mount Kilimanjaro can be undertaken by many different Kilimanjaro Routes. Reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro along the Kilimanjaro Routes is not an easy task and yet people ascend with practically no altitude-related illnesses. They are hardly even aware of the necessity to drink more water. Kilimanjaro is not a very technical climb, but it does have dangers worthy of being under serious consideration. 

Just like the Seven Summits, Kilimanjaro should not be approached easily.

Kilimanjaro Height Facts

Here are some facts about Kilimanjaro Height that you probably didn’t know about: –

  • Mount Kilimanjaro stands at a height of 19,364 ft. /5,895 meters above sea level.
  • It is the highest mountain on the African continent.
  • It is also the highest free-standing mountain not only in Africa but in the world.
  • It will take 6-9 days to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro depending on the route, with days for acclimatization included as well.
  • Due to its immense height, half of the climbers trying to reach the summit of Kilimanjaro fail halfway due to altitude problems.


Imagine standing on the top of the world and gazing down below you. It’s an amazing feeling, right? Well, that’s exactly how it feels standing on the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. A Kilimanjaro Climb means it will give a chance to experience Africa’s wildlife and climb one of the world’s Seven Summits. So, what’re you waiting for?

Book Kilimanjaro Climb with African Scenic Safaris and experience Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing in all its glory. We have extensive experience planning Private Kilimanjaro Treks, ranging from solo treks to charity groups of over 30 climbers, and can also accommodate organizations choosing to operate multiple group departures. Contact our trekking experts at info@africanscenicsafaris.com to begin planning your trip of a lifetime.

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