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Tarangire National PArk

Northern Tanzania’s Tarangire National Park boasts dense wildlife, especially Elephants! This Tanzania National Park is best for enjoying a thrilling game drive. It helps you see a few most extinct species and much-varied wildlife. 

Tarangire Safari Park is a not to be missed destination during your Tanzania Safari Tours. The Tanzanian National Park is easy to access via air and road. It makes Tarangire Park the best to begin your Tanzania Safari. 

Tarangire National Park- An Eccentric Safari Destination

Tarangire Safari

Tarangire National Park got its name from the Tarangire River. The river flows across Tarangire Park and is a primary source of water in East Africa during the dry season. 

Tarangire National Park in Tanzania’s Manyara Region is 2,850 square kilometers. This Tanzanian National Park encompasses iconic baobab trees, bird-filled swamps, lush river valleys, acacia woodlands, and granite ridges. 

Tarangire Park is the best game drive, and bird-watching destination, and is famous for the migration of elephant herds. You can see here a dense concentration of wildlife on a Tanzania Safari. If you want to enjoy an off-beaten Safari in Tanzania, Tarangire Park can be the best destination! 

It has 6000 elephants and some distinctive animals, like the white giraffe and Gerenuk. 

You can also witness Cape buffalo, antelope, and zebras migrating each year at Tarangire Park.  This Tanzanian National Park has large quantities of carnivorous animals like leopards, cheetahs, lions, caracals, and honey badgers. The park is the best place to enjoy thrilling Tanzania Safari Tours.

Where Is The Tarangire National Park Located?

Tarangire National Park

Settled within the northern Tanzania region, the Tarangire National Park has many things to help visitors enjoy a lifetime safari experience. 

You can drive to Tarangire from Arusha. 

Driving from Arusha to Tarangire Park takes around two hours. The Tarangire River is found in the northern portion of this Tanzanian National Park. The river is Tarangire Park’s lifeline during the dry season.

How To Reach Tarangire National Park? 

How To Get Tarangire National PArk

There are three airports within the southern part of Tarangire. Arusha Airport field is the nearest one and seventy kilometers away from Kilimanjaro International Airport. The Kilimanjaro International Airport is the main gateway for visitors to this park. 

Weather Of Tarangire National Park!

Tarangire National Park Weather

Tarangire Park has a temperate climatic condition that makes it comparatively different from others. Summer and rain are the two seasons that Tarangire National Park witnesses. It results in dry wetlands in Tarangire Park.  

What Can Be The Best Time To Visit Tarangire National Park?

Best Time To Visit Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park is a seasonal park! It can be visited all year round, let’s find out the top time to visit!

The Best Time to Visit Tarangire- Dry Season

Tanzania is situated close to the equator, which makes it experience alternating periods of dry and wet seasons. The seasons affect the safari price and choice of visiting the Tanzanian National Parks.  

Dry Season for Game Viewing

June to October is the dry season that drives wildlife closer to the swamps of the river valley Tarangire River in the National Park. It makes the dry season for game viewing on a Tarangire National Park Safari

The view of migrating elephant herds is the best attraction in Tarangire Park. During the dry season, a dense concentration of wildlife and birdlife moves to Tarangire Park from the nearby reserves. You can see the dense population of herbivores around the water source in the park that attracts the predators. 

What the Wet Season brings in for visiting Tarangire?

November, April, and May are the wet seasons. There are many good reasons to visit Tarangire during the wet season including different animal behavior to lightning and rain.

Enjoy Accommodation at a Low Price

The wet season offers you to get the best Tanzania Accommodation at a low price across the country. You can book luxury safari lodges at the best rates during the wet season at Tarangire Park. 

Less Number of Crowds

If you want to avoid the crowd during your safari, consider visiting during the wet season! Tarangire during the rainy season looks refreshingly beautiful. You can watch wildlife like giraffes, lions, and baboons. There is an opportunity to watch diverse migratory birdlife during the wet season in Tarangire Park. 

Explore a Unique Landscape

The lush forested landscape of Tarangire Park comes alive during the wet season. But the dense vegetation makes spotting the wildlife difficult.

What About The Wildlife In Tarangire National Park?

Wildlife At Tarangire

You can spot diverse wildlife when visiting Tarangire National Park during the dry season. The Tarangire National Park Wildlife during the dry season is as impressive as that found at the Ngorongoro Crater. You can see around 1,000 elephants at any one time. 

A dense population of zebra, wildebeest, giraffe, buffalo, Thompson’s gazelle, and eland are found in the Tanzanian National Park. Cheetahs and leopards are also a lot easier to spot. You can get occasional sightings of oryx and gerenuk! 

Many lodges in Tarangire Park remain closed in April and May due to the heavy rains. When the dry season progresses, Tarangire Park comes to life! During July and August, Tarangire Park becomes an elephant lover’s paradise. 

Tanzanian Largest Elephant Population

Tarangire Park is home to Tanzanian’s largest elephant population. If seeing the giant elephants is on your Tanzania safari bucket list, consider visiting Tarangire Park. 

The Iconic Big Five

Tarangire Park is home to four of the Big Five! Big Five includes lions, rhinoceros, African elephants, leopards, and buffalo. The only one not found in Tarangire is the Rhino.


Tarangire is one of the best places to spot primates during your Tanzania safari. Troupes of baboons spotted in Tarangire. 

Other Wildlife

During the dry season, Tarangire Park proves to be a reliable water source in the region. It attracts migratory animal herds like wildebeest, giraffe, zebra, and antelope. In the park swamps, you can spot gigantic hippos. 

Why Choose Game Drive Safari In Tarangire National Park?

Game Drive Safari In Tarangire National Park

The main activity in Tarangire Park is a game drive! Game Drives in Tarangire Park are the best during the morning and early evening hours when the animals are active. You can also opt for a full-day game drive in Tarangire Park! During morning game drives, you can see wildlife species like buffalos, zebras, elephants, and antelopes. 

The game drive in Tarangire is the best part of Tanzania Safari. It gives you a better experience of witnessing the wildlife from close. 

You should follow the rules and listen to your safari guide during the game drive. Avoiding littering, noise, and feeding animals are a few regulations to follow during game drives! It ensures enjoying a memorable game drive sustainably around Tarangire Park. 

It requires you to pay the entrance fees to access the Tarangire National Park for a game drive activity! The Tarangire Park entrance fees for non-residents are $59 per adult and $23.60 per child! 

Booking a Tarangire National Park safari package includes the park entrance fees, transportation, water, accommodation, and food expenses. You can book a tailor-made safari package to explore Tarangire Park and indulge in many exciting activities. 

Other Activities To Do At The Tarangire National Park

Activities At Tarangire

Apart from the game drive, there are several activities in Tarangire National Park to enjoy! You can consider nighttime safari, air safari, camping safari, and walking safari. During Tarangire National Park Safaris, you can see tree-climbing lions and diverse bird species. 

Walking Safari

You can see everything in detail during a walking safari at Tarangire National Park. Walking safari helps you explore the best trails that are impossible to access via vehicles. Nature walks or walking safari is a unique wildlife viewing opportunity! It allows you to experience the breathtaking scenery and enjoy wildlife viewing from close. 

Elephant Migration

An impressive number of elephants migrate to Tarangire Park during the dry season. Up to ten thousand elephants gather in the park from July to October. 

Bird Watching 

Tarangire Park is famous for bird watching! More than 500 bird species migrate to Tarangire Park every year. The dry areas of the Tanzanian National Park are the best to spot the hornbills, ostriches, and kori bustards. You can see the migrant birds around the swampy areas of the park. Migrant birds in Tarangire Park are brown parrots, guinea fowls, lilac-breasted rollers, striped swallows, falcons, and starlings. 


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Experience Peace And Solitude At Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park

You can enjoy solitude and a peaceful safari experience at Tarangire National Park. Other National Parks and Reserves of Northern Tanzania are crowded with visitors during the peak season. Tarangire Park gives you an intimate and tranquil safari experience. 

Many safari camps in Tarangire Park ensure a limited footprint to provide their guests with ultimate relaxation and comfort. A stay at a safari lodge or camp can help you immerse in scenic nature and wilderness. 

A visit to this park ensures an intimate, exclusive, and immersive Tanzania safari experience. If you are looking forward to planning a memorable Tarangire National Park safari, you can rely on us. For booking contact on the following details.

+255 (0) 784 413 801 or Email: [email protected]


By spending a few days on a Tarangire Safari, you can escape the crowds and enjoy game viewing. Tarangire Park provides you with a peaceful and serene atmosphere to explore the remote landscapes. It is the best Tanzanian Destination to enjoy an authentic safari experience. You can indulge in a walking safari, game drive, and fly-camping adventure at Tarangire Park to live your wildest dreams. 

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