Is It Possible To Support Conservation During Tanzania Safari?

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Yes! It is widely possible to support conservation during your Tanzania Safari.

The wildlife and wilderness in Tanzania face threats that are many and complex! Thus, to preserve this for future generations, we need to be aware and also support it effectively.

So, every single person who visits Tanzania can make a difference by supporting conservation.

How Do Tourists Able To Support Conservation In Tanzania?

“Conservation” is a host of activities relating to habitats and wildlife. Ultimately by the sustainable use of nature, we can support conservation which will be beneficial for both present and future generations. Let’s see how-

#1. Paying Your Park Fees

In Tanzania, national parks and game reserves are tasked with providing an expansive natural habitat for various wildlife. And collecting park fees is among their top ways to increase funding.

However, by paying park fees, you automatically provide an incentive to preserve the national parks and their wildlife.

Tanzania Park Fees

#2. Beat Plastic Pollution: If You Can’t Reuse It, Refuse It!

As we all know, plastic is not biodegradable and is one of the world’s leading pollutants. The harmful chemicals released from plastic products can pose a serious risk to humans and the environment as well.

That’s why to avoid the use of plastic bottles, we provide big refillable water containers to our guests.

Tanzania Safari

#3. Choose the Designed Route way and Don’t Go Off-The-Beaten

The rules of national parks, game reserves, and conservation areas aim to protect tourists, wildlife along with the environment.

Do not roam unguided and on uneven paths. It may cause losses to both you and wildlife. Many animals often feel challenged or threatened if you wander into their habitat.

So, always stick to the designated routes followed by your local guide.

Tanzania Safari

#4. Do not get more excited by seeing the wild animals

It may go wrong if your actions provoke any animals. So, always keep in mind to keep a healthy distance from the animals while on your Safari In Tanzania.

Don’t get excited by seeing the vast numbers of animals at a time, it can be risky for you and wildlife.

With our expert and trained guide, you can enjoy the Tanzania Safari Experience with peace of mind and heart.

Tanzania Safari Tour

#5. Ensure your Safari Supports Wildlife Conservation & Local People

Your Safaris In Tanzania can impact wonderfully on local communities by enhancing their economic sources. This also plays a vital role in wildlife conservation.

When researching and booking a Tanzania Safari, make sure to ask specific questions about where your budget is going and whom the money will help. It will make you take informed decisions and ensure your visit will have a positive impact on conservation.

  • Revenue from tourism activities in 2021 reached USD 1,396.34 million in Tanzania
  • In the time period of January to July 2022, a total of 742,133 tourists visited Tanzania.
  • The Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism of Tanzania is hoping that the revenue will increase accordingly by the year 2022-23.

African Scenic Safaris owns and operates a local volunteering hostel, Hostel Hoff.  It believes you shouldn’t pay a high price for the experience if you want to volunteer. Accommodation costs are kept to a minimum, ensuring volunteering remains affordable. This is an incredible way to help tourism by supporting the community in Tanzania.

Safaris In Tanzania

#6. Engage with cultural works and support the local community!

Look for Tanzania Safari Packages that allow you and your family to have a safari experience that can help the local community.

  • The type of itineraries that focus on small private group outings balances wildlife game viewing with cultural immersion experiences.
  • Some destinations like Serengeti National Park, and Ngorongoro Conservation Area are also there where you can do some useful activities by visiting the local community.
Tanzania Culture

#7. Be a Sensible Consumer

Make consumer choices that are ultimately better for animals and the environment.

  • Choose valid products that are energy-efficient, and made from genuine sources.
  • Don’t purchase souvenirs with endangered animal products.
  • Prefer those consumer choices that are better for both animals and the environment.
  • Support ecotourism, photo safaris, or community-based education programs that keep wildlife safe in the wild.

Some Organizations that help to protect wildlife-Donate from the heart!

Like the national parks and game reserves, there are several organizations out there in Tanzania that dedicatedly protect and preserve wildlife. Know about them in detail and donate while you are on your Tanzania Safari. Here are some-

  • Honeyguide Foundation- This organization aims to help Tanzanian communities by conserving their resources and wildlife.
  • PAMS Foundation- This organization protects endangered species and environments.
Tanzania Safari

Learn, Serve & Immerse on a Tanzania Safari!

Tourism is essential for the preservation of wilderness in Tanzania. By supporting and promoting local communities and conservation projects, you can also help on developing Cultural Tourism In Tanzania. Our Tanzania Safari Tours emphasize authentic cultural tour experiences that will give you a true taste of the country’s origin. Your fees help us fund our charity. We do every possible thing to ensure all of our guests’ visits benefit this beautiful country and its people.

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