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Serengeti Safari

Serengeti National Park is a well-known safari destination in Eastern African Country-Tanzania. This Tanzanian National Park is one of the best national parks in the world. 

The Serengeti is one of the oldest ecosystems that host a spectacular wildlife show on the planet- the Wildebeest Migration. There is no better experience than enjoying a Serengeti National Park Safari that brings you close to nature and wildlife. 

The Mecca of National Parks, Serengeti, is home to millions of wildlife, famous for natural wonders, and world-class accommodation facilities. 

Here are the best things to know about the iconic Tanzania National Park to enjoy memorable Tanzania Safari Tours

Best Time For Serengeti Safari To Explore Wild Tanzania

The Serengeti has two seasons: wet and dry. June to March is the dry season in Serengeti National Park. The dry season is optimal for wildlife spotting in Serengeti. Shorter grass and dry vegetation make it easy to watch wildlife. 

The Serengeti National Park Tour ensures phenomenal wildlife spotting all year round.

The River Crossings

The river crossing is one of the attractions of Wildebeest Migration that attract visitors to a Serengeti Safari. One of the best times for safari in Serengeti is during the Grumeti and Mara River crossings. It is the time when millions of wildebeest cross the crocodile-infested waters to reach the Masai Mara Reserve. 

These river crossings happen around June to October. Many camps close to the river crossings offer the best view of river crossings in Serengeti. The river crossings take place during the peak dry season. 

A Bird Lover Paradise

If you want to skip the crowds, consider a Serengeti safari during the wet season. The Serengeti National Park experiences overcast skies and rain during April and May. 

It is the perfect time for bird enthusiasts to enjoy a Serengeti safari. You can spot more than five hundred migrant and resident bird species in Serengeti. 

Serengeti Safari

What Makes Serengeti Safari So Special?

For many, the main attraction of the Serengeti National Park Tour is the Great Wildlife Migration. The most spectacular event is a movement of over two million wildebeests. The migration movement happens across the landscape in search of fresh water and grass. Witnessing the Great Wildebeest Migration is a mesmerizing sight.

The wonderful thing is that the Great Migration is never-ending. It follows a circular path around the Serengeti National Park and Masai Mara Reserve. You can witness most of the Wildebeest Migration action in Serengeti National Park. 

The Great Wildebeest Migration is the most iconic land-based world wildlife migration!

The Great Migration consists of millions of animals like wildebeests, zebras, and Thomson’s gazelles. 

Seeing The Big Five On A Serengeti Safari

The African Big Five refers to the leopard, lion, elephant, Cape buffalo, and rhino. Most safari enthusiasts are keen to spot all of the Big Five in Serengeti National Park.

On a game drive in Serengeti, there is a better chance of seeing as much wildlife as possible.

Elephants, Lions, and Buffaloes are easy to spot! You have a high chance of seeing them during a Serengeti Safari. Serengeti National Park has a high density of wildlife. 

This Tanzania National Park has more lions than other reserves or national parks. The lion population in Serengeti is around 3,500.

Leopards and black rhinos are a bit harder to spot. With an experienced guide, you can manage to track and spot the rhinos and leopards. 

The Big Five is not because of the size of the animals. The name Big Five is for the difficulty and fierceness of hunting the animals. Wildlife In Tanzania is well protected to keep the Big Five safe in their natural habitat. 

Serengeti Safari Tour

Wear Perfect Clothing For The Safari 

Why wear earth-tone and khaki-colored clothes on a Serengeti safari? The neutral colors help you disguise and repel heat. Blue and black colored clothes attract pesky tsetse flies! Wear light, comfortable, breathable clothes on a game drive in Serengeti. 

Stay Protected from the Sun 

On a game drive, you have to spend many hours outdoors! Consider using sunscreen lotion and cover-up. It provides the best protection from the sun while on a game drive. Wear a round hat, sunglasses, zip-off trousers, and a long-sleeved top. Covering yourself also protects you from mosquito bites. 

It Gets Cold at Night 

When the sun sets in Serengeti, it gets cold! Pack the right to stay comfortable during the entire Serengeti vacation in Tanzania. 

Do you know why the Masai people wear red? They believe that the red color scares away dangerous animals. You can ask your guide to learn more about the local belief! 

Right Equipment that can capture the Actions of Serengeti

You require the best photography and video equipment to capture wildlife in the vast plains of Serengeti. On a Serengeti Safari, you can see plenty of wildlife from close. If you want distant shots, use a lens with a focal length of 200mm or digital zoom equipment. 

Viewing the wildlife with your naked eyes gives you an authentic experience on a safari drive. Put down the phone or camera to soak up the magnificent views of pristine nature and wildlife. You can watch safari videos online! When you are on the ground, enjoy wildlife viewing.  

Is it hard to stabilize shots from the larger lenses? Use a small bean bag to place the lenses and take the perfect pictures on the safari vehicle. Sandbags are also helpful! 

Remember: Drones are prohibited in Serengeti National Park

Safety During The Serengeti Safari 

On a guided game drive, you are always safe. There are a few things to follow for safety during a Safari in Serengeti. 

Say NO to feeding the animals: By feeding animals, you can unknowingly introduce them to unhealthy foods. Feeding animals can risk safety, as animals may approach every tourist vehicle for food! 

Stay inside the Safari Vehicle: A safari vehicle has windows and a pop-top roof to allow you to take photos and view the animals. Never stick your head or arm outside the safari vehicle without permission.  

Never Walk Alone: If you have to use the bush toilet, follow the instructions and avoid walking alone. 

When walking around your camp at night, get accompanied by a ranger or armed guard. Stay within the boundaries of the lodge or camp. 

Never walk alone after dark! 

If traveling with children, stay with your child at all times. Do not allow your child to roam unattended.

Maintain Silence: Talking loudly or shouting on a game drive can agitate the animals and drive them away. Maintaining silence is good etiquette while on a safari. 

Serengeti Safari Safety

Delicious Picnic Lunches 

On your Serengeti safari, you get the chance to travel with a delicious packed lunch. It helps you enjoy a game drive all day long without returning to the lodge for lunch. 

Picnic lunches depend on lodge requirements! You can find a few combinations mentioned below in a delicious packed lunch:

  • Water
  • Fruit juice
  • Sandwiches or wraps
  • Boiled eggs with salt
  • Fresh fruit
  • Biscuits, cakes, or muffins
  • Pasta or rice
  • Chicken drumsticks


Great experience, highly recommended!

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Best Places To Stay On Serengeti Safari

Serengeti Lodges

If you want home comfort, Serengeti is home to many lodges with luxury amenities and conveniences. You can get hot water, reliable WiFi, and other comforts during your stay at one of the Serengeti lodges. 

When traveling with children for a Serengeti Safari vacation, a lodge stay proves to be worth booking. 

Tented Camps on the Serengeti

You can find many tented camps located in the Serengeti. The tented camps offer a perfect blend of wilderness and comfort. Staying at a tented camp is the best for a memorable Serengeti Safari. At a tented camp, you have a private bedroom and bathroom.  

During your stay, you can hear the distant trumpeting of the elephants and every rustle in the tall grass. 

A Few Lodges & Camps To Enjoy A Comfortable Stay! 

Serengeti Serena Lodge

Serengeti Serena Lodge is a beautiful hotel located in the park. The small huts of the lodge allow space for privacy and enjoy a bush stay experience. The Serena Lodge is perfect for staying a few days on a Serengeti safari

Migration Camp

Migration Camp is a luxury lodge located in the North Central area of the Serengeti. It is the perfect place to stay for the migration around early July.  

Serengeti Bushtops

Serengeti Bushtops is a luxurious lodge in the North of the park. It is beautiful and well-crafted with essential amenities. It is the best place to enjoy a vintage safari experience. 

Kiota Camp

Kiota camp is in central Serengeti! It allows year-round game viewing, especially spotting the big cats.

The small Kiota camp offers an authentic safari experience. 

Chaka Camp

Chaka Camp is a semi-permanent mobile camp in Serengeti. In the Swahili language, Chaka means Bush. The Chaka Camp offers an intimate and authentic bush experience in the middle of the Serengeti. Twice a year, the camp moves to provide guests with the perfect platform to view the Wildebeest Migration. 

What Does The Serengeti Safari Cost? 

A one-week Serengeti National Park Tour can cost around

  • From USD 2,500 – budget (Adventure Camping)
  • From USD 3,500 – Mid Range Tented Camps
  • From USD 7,500 – Luxury

Booking a Serengeti Safari Package eliminates the expenses of park permits and other essential things for the tour.

Serengeti National Park Entry Fee   

  • $82.60 per Adult/day
  • $23.60 per Child (5-15 years)/day
  • $70.80 Lodge/Tented Camp Concession Fees
  • $35.50 Camping Fees

Children below five can enter the Serengeti National Park for free. 

Top Attractions Of Serengeti Safari 

Apart from the Wildebeest Migration and Big Five, there are many attractions of a safari in Serengeti Park! 

Hot Air Ballooning

Do you want to get the most stunning view of the park? On a hot air balloon in Serengeti National Park, you can get a breathtaking aerial view of the park. Witnessing diverse wildlife on the vast plains of Serengeti from the sky is a treat for every safari lover! Your hot air balloon adventure starts before sunrise and gets complete with a luxury English breakfast. 

Visiting the Moru Kopjes

Are you looking for a thrill while in Serengeti? Visit the Moru Kopjes! The rock formation Moru Kopjes in the center of the Serengeti provides shade and hydration for animals. The Moru Kopjes is a top-rated animal viewing area to spot predators like lions, leopards, and cheetahs. 

Experience the Masai Culture and Lifestyle

Masai People are groups of semi-nomadic tribes living in Tanzania for many years. Spending a few hours at a Masai Village can help you learn and experience their lifestyle and culture. 

Do you want to know more about planning your Serengeti Safari adventure? Contact African Scenic Safaris at +255 (0) 784 413 801 or email:  [email protected] to get information about customized Serengeti Safari Tours

Serengeti Safari Cost

Conclusion:- Return With Memories

Serengeti Safari

The Serengeti safari experience will always stay in your heart. Even after you return, it will be with you a lifetime of memories. Come to Serengeti, and be a part of this surreal land full of nature and wildlife. Serengeti means, the land that runs forever and the name rightly justifies it.

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