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Tanzania Travel Advice

Tanzania Travel Advice

Tanzania Travel Advice

Congratulations on deciding on the Tanzania safari Tours. But before planning your Safari In Tanzania take a look at our Tanzania Travel Advice and tips by our experts in African Scenic Safaris.

Tanzania Safari Trip Planning Advice

1. Pick your Time Accordingly

To get the best Tanzania Safari Experience you must pick the Best Time To Visit Tanzania. However, the best time highly depends upon your choice of wildlife activity so choose carefully. But overall, the dry seasons are considered to be the most ideal for wildlife viewing.

2. Choose your Itinerary Mindfully

While planning your safari, 1st list down your expectations and safari activities, then based on that decide your Tanzania Safari Packages. If you want inclusions like guided bush walks, night game drives, or hot-air balloon safaris, then you must discuss it with your Tanzania Travel Guide. That’s because certain facilities are only allowed in certain camps and areas.

African Scenic Safaris gives you the unique chance to tailor-made your own Tanzania Safari Packages. Customize your Safari Tanzania based on your safari wishes. Our Tanzania Travel Advice will help you out with the rest of the details.

Landscapes In Tanzania

  • Tanzania is bordered by African lakes on the west, the north by Kilimanjaro, and the Indian Ocean on the east.
  • Tanzania is filled with grassland and savannas and open woodlands everywhere, though significant patches of rainforest fall in remote mountain ranges.
  • Tanzania is the best game viewing destination of the continent hosting 20% of the total large mammals of entire Africa.
  • Home to the most popular and accessible animal reserves, northern Tanzania is the most popular Tanzania Safari Destination.
  • Head to the south and central Tanzania if you’re interested in vast savannah and rainforest reserves that project genuine off-the-beaten-track Tanzania Safaris.

What To Pack For The Tanzania Safari?

In the following days leading up to your Tanzania Safari Tours, it is best to make a Tanzania Safari Packing List and arrange everything accordingly. Because there’s a weight limit to consider moreover why pack unnecessary books and toys for your kids when they are more likely to forget all about them after their 1st wildlife sighting.  Just bring some light casual clothing, natural colors and a jacket for warmth for evening game drives along with T-shirts, long skirts, and Capri pants for Zanzibar.

Tanzania Currency And Exchange

Domestic Currency: Tanzanian Shilling


Possible Means of Payment: ATM, Credit and debit cards (Visa and MasterCard)

1. Currency exchange

  • You can exchange your currencies at any bank or exchange office available in all major cities and airports.
  • US dollars and euros, are the most widely accepted currencies and get the best rates.
  • US dollar bills dated before 2006 are not accepted. Compare the rates and commissions before exchanging money.
  • ATMs are the most convenient way to withdraw Tanzanian Shillings. ATMs accept almost all international cards.

2. Tipping

It is customary to tip your guides/crew when on Tanzania Safari or other activities like Mt Kilimanjaro.  Suggested tipping amounts will be advised at time of booking. Even though tipping is not culturally expected it is good to leave some loose change at restaurants or in other service situations.

3. Cellular Services

Tanzania mostly has very good cellular reception. Mobile services are very fluent in Tanzania. Sim cards are available for less than a dollar throughout the country. Just top up with credit and make reasonably priced calls to most international destinations.

Health & Vaccinations

  • It is important to visit your travel doctor before traveling to Africa, as there is a range of vaccinations, he/she may recommend based on current information.
  • Currently, Yellow Fever vaccination is only mandatory if you are coming from an infected country or have passed through a Yellow Fever infected country and stopped for more than 12 hours. Other vaccinations that may be advisable are Hepatitis A/B, Tetanus, Typhoid, and Cholera.
  • Taking a malaria prophylactic is also recommended and your doctor can advise which type is best suited for you.

Tanzania Entry Requirements

1. Tanzania Visa

All passport holders are required to have a Tourist Visa for Tanzania.  This can be organized in advance through a Tanzania Consulate however the easiest option is to get it upon arrival at the airport.  This will cost USD$100 if on an American passport or USD$50 for any other passport holders.  This was correct at time of printing however please verify with your local Tanzanian consulate.  You need to have your passport and USD cash (notes printed on/after 2006) in order to get the visa at the airport.

2. People & Culture Of Tanzania

  • With more than 120 ethnic groups Tanzania enjoys a diverse ethnic makeup, with a noteworthy number of Asians, Europeans, and Arabs too.
  • Tanzania is known for its strong social code of politeness and respect.
  • Swahili and English are the two official languages of Tanzania.
  • Tanzania harbors multiple religious affiliations including Christianity and Islam in the majority.

3. Security

All in all, Tanzania is a very safe country to travel to. The locals are warm-hearted and generous people and are always eager to help. Tanzania is a multi-democratic country and is politically stable.

Now that you are armed with all the information it is time to plan your Tanzania safari Holidays. Visit African Scenic Safaris to know more about our exclusive Tanzania Safari Packages. Give us a call or leave us a message. Our Tanzania Travel guide will help you plan your tailor-made safari to Tanzania.

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