How To Choose The Right Kilimanjaro Climbing Packages For You

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Kilimanjaro Climbing

Choosing the right Kilimanjaro Climbing Packages is one of the most important factors when it comes to Climbing Kilimanjaro. There’s a range of packages that offer special services, different budgets, and routes.

Below we’ll discuss the three types of Kilimanjaro Climbing Packages, the deciding factors of Kilimanjaro Routes, and the best time to climb the mountain. This will help you in figuring out which is the right package for Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing according to your needs and preferences.

Types Of Kilimanjaro Climbing Packages

Kilimanjaro Routes

When planning to ascend the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, it’s necessary to choose the right Kilimanjaro climbing package that suits your budget, needs, and inclinations. Here we have discussed the different types of packages available for climbing Kilimanjaro.

Budget Climbing Packages – As the name implies, this type of package is suitable for those climbers who want to keep their climbing costs on an affordable budget. These Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro packages include all the basic amenities like camping tents, meals, and sleeping tents.

Though additional services, high-end Kilimanjaro gear, private toilet tents, etc. won’t be covered if you choose these types of Kilimanjaro Climbing Packages.

Mid-Range Climbing Packages – These packages offer a great balance of costs with comfort levels. They generally include a variety of food options, high-end tents, and comfortable sleeping arrangements (like comforters and mattresses). Additional services like experienced guides and portable toilets are also included.

Luxury Climbing Packages – Luxury Kilimanjaro Climbing Packages are the preferred option for those who want ultimate comfort while Climbing Kilimanjaro. Expect top-of-the-line climbing equipment, luxurious tents, and gourmet meals when you choose this package.

All of the additional services and amenities will also be covered in these types of Mount Kilimanjaro Packages. These include things like portable toilets with a flushing system and hot shower facilities with experienced guides.

When selecting the most suitable Kilimanjaro Climbing Packages, it’s important to consider your budget and needs. A budget package is ideal for climbers looking for a more affordable climb. A luxury climbing package is an ideal choice if you prefer a more comfortable and pampered experience.

Kilimanjaro Climbing Route Options

Kilimanjaro, the iconic peak in Tanzania, offers climbers a variety of routes to choose from. Each provides a unique experience and level of challenge. Here are some popular Kilimanjaro climbing options:

Name Of The Kilimanjaro RouteHighlights
Machame Route– One of the best Kilimanjaro Routes with excellent success rates – Great acclimatization, with a walk high, sleep low approach – Incredible sceneries, with 5 distinctive climatic zones – All-inclusive camping options
Lemosho Route– An excellent route to climb Kilimanjaro along with a high success rate – Plenty of time for acclimatization – Stunning sceneries of gorges and western Kilimanjaro – One of the most remote Kilimanjaro Routes.
Rongai Route– A true wilderness experience in the northern rainforest zone of the mountain – A challenging summit night – Less ideal for acclimatization with no chances for a walk high sleep low approach – All-inclusive camping options
Marangu Route– The shortest route to the summit, meaning less time for acclimatization – A relatively low success rate – Less scenic trail, because the ascent and descent is on the same route

Furthermore, there are some key factors that you need to consider when you’re looking for the best fit for Kilimanjaro Packages. They include:

  • Acclimatization Opportunities
  • Difficulty during the summit night
  • Is the Kilimanjaro Route crowded or not?
  • Safety Considerations
  • The success rates
  • The Accommodation Options

Another equally important factor is visibility on the mountain. This is because you want to witness the scenic surroundings while Climbing Kilimanjaro and even take some photographs.

Our Specialized Kilimanjaro Climbing Packages

Our prices for Kilimanjaro climb in 2022 and 2023 are provided below. Please note that these prices are subject to change and may vary based on specific requirements. For private and tailor-made climbs, we recommend contacting us directly with your specific needs and preferences.

Route NameDurationPrice
Northern Circuit9-10$2,500-3,500
Lemosho Route8-9$2,000-3,000
Machame Route7-8$1,800-2,500
Marangu Route5-6$1,500-2,000
Rongai Route6-7$2,000-2,500
Umbwe Route6-7$1,800-2,500

Choosing A Kilimanjaro Package According To The Climbing Season

Before you choose a Kilimanjaro climbing package, you should consider when you plan to hike up the mountain. The Best Time To Climb Kilimanjaro is from December to mid-March and mid-June to the end of October.

There are some pros and cons of Mount Kilimanjaro Climb according to the time of the year. The following comparison will help you with a more detailed analysis.

January and FebruaryClear and dry weather conditions lower crowd levelsCooler temperatures at night and higher altitudesPossibility of snow and ice on the trails
March and AprilLower crowd levels and lower prices for toursRainy season with the potential for heavy rainfall and mud on the trail.Cooler temperatures at night and higher  altitudes
May and JuneClearer weather conditions than the rainy season lower crowd levelsCooler temperatures at night and higher altitudesPotential for fog and limited visibility
July – SeptemberDry weather conditions Warmer temperaturesHigher crowd levels than other times of the yearClear skies can make for colder temperatures at night and higher altitudes
October – DecemberClear and dry weather conditions lower crowd levels than in the summer monthsCooler temperatures at night and higher altitudesPotential for snow and ice on the trail

Although it’s possible to climb the mountain throughout all of the year. If you don’t mind the showers of rain and cold temperatures, climbing in April, May, and November is possible. But, remember to pack the right waterproof Kilimanjaro Gear and warm clothing items. However, we do not recommend climbing Mount Kilimanjaro during this time. Because during this period, the trails can be very wet, muddy, and snowy causing your climbing less enjoyable. And, it means you’ll miss out on the spectacular views and photo opportunities.

Season And Routes – Determining Factors Of Choosing The Right Kilimanjaro Climbing Packages

When it comes to booking your Kilimanjaro climb, African Scenic Safaris stands out for several reasons. First and foremost, we offer great value for your money. Our trip packages include essential items such as accommodations, experienced guides, National Park fees, meals, ground transportation, sightseeing, and entry fees. This all-inclusive approach allows you to budget better for your adventure, ensuring that you have everything you need without any unexpected expenses.

Another reason is our commitment to safety. We have an excellent safety record and provide continual health monitoring throughout your climb. Moreover, we pride ourselves on outstanding service and responsible travel practices. Lastly, we prioritize acclimatization, which is crucial for summit success. So, without any ado, let us be your guide to planning your best-ever Tanzania Safari Packages!

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