Finding The Trees Of Life In Tarangire National Park On Your Tanzania Safari Tour!

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Tarangire National Park

Almost like giant mushrooms, enormous baobab trees grow here and there. The baobab trees can live for thousands of years, providing an important source of animal food and minerals. And you can normally find them in Tarangire National Park.

The iconic Baobab Trees of Tanzania have a Zig-zag appearance. They’re native to the African continent and look attractive. Baobabs have unusual barrel-like trunks and are known for their extraordinary longevity and ethnobotanical aspects.

This article is about this tree of life in Tarangire National Park, which you will explore during your Tanzania Safari Trip.

A True Tree of Life – The Giant Boabab Tree

Tanzanians recognize the Baobab as a ‘tree of life.’ The main reasons are described below-

  • Its roots are extremely strong and produce a good amount of moisture.
  • In the dry season, the trees are a draw for wildlife. Even the mighty elephant will visit the tree and eat the baobab bark, enjoying the moisture and minerals.
  • Despite those strong roots and appearance, most of the baobab is empty within. But this is useful, as the ‘tree of life’ provides habitat for bats to cats, mongoose to bees, and even snakes.
  • In some ways, the giant tree is full of diverse inhabitants. It provides a home to different bird species. Owls, parrots, and woodpeckers are among those who build their nests in the baobab’s upper reaches.

The tree of life – Baobab Trees are famous among the local people of Tanzania due to these factors. And you can also appreciate this majestic sight on Tanzania Safari Tours.

A Suggestion – The sight of the baobabs under the starry night sky of Tanzania is a unique experience that you’ll also get to enjoy on your safari.

Tanzanian Tree

The Usefulness of Boabab Tree

As well as being home to the bird species, the baobab is also something of a corner store – and even a pharmacy!

  • The flowers make cream of tartar, while its fruit is the favourite of monkeys. Surprisingly, the leaves are also crushed to be used as medicines and it even helps with meteorology.
  • The leaves of the Boabab tree grow new when the rains stop.
  • Baobab is a special kind of tree that has its place to live. It prefers to grow only at a sea level of 1100 meters high. That’s why you will not find them in Serengeti or every place in Tanzania. 

Tarangire National Park Safari is a paradise for some iconic samples of the tree. So make sure you take time to admire and ask your driver/guide to explain their unique characteristics to you while on your Safaris in Tanzania.

Facts of Boabab Tree

Other Factors About Tarangire National Park

Despite the great baobab, Tarangire National Park has some other attractions that make this unique.

  • At around 2,800 square kilometres, Tarangire is the sixth-largest national park in Tanzania.
  • In the dry season, thousands of animals can be seen in the park. It offers an easy sight as water is less available everywhere.
  • This national park is also very rich in birdlife, with over 550 species recorded here.
  • This is well known for its large herds of elephants and course, the giant baobab tree.
  • With grasslands, swamplands, riverine woodlands, and rocky, hilltop vegetation this area attracts a large number of animals. It is home to diverse landscapes.

All these different aspects combine to guarantee a memorable trip for the tourists.

To plan a safari to Tarangire in Tanzania, contact us today at +255 (0) 784 413 801 or email [email protected]. Our Tanzania Travel experts will help you with your trip.

Tarangire National Park

Tarangire Safari Cost (Starts from $50 to $600)

The entrance fee for the park during the high season is $50. And, $45 in the low season (per person). So, including vehicle costs, the average cost of a Tarangire Safari will be:

1-Day Tarangire National Park Safari – From $200 (per person)

2-Day Tarangire National Park Safari – From $400 (per person, per day)

3-Day Tarangire National Park Safari – From $600 (per person, per day)

The above-mentioned Tanzania Safari Cost of Tarangire is an estimate and subject to change.

Tarangire Safari Cost

Explore Tarangire National Park With The Beautiful Baobab Trees!

Tarangire National Park Safari

Tarangire National Park is one of the most visited destinations in Tanzania. It is a unique national park for its giant Boabab tree which is rare to be found elsewhere in Africa. To know more about the other Tanzania National Parks, stay in touch with our Tanzania experts.

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